i sit in my bedroom every lunch hour, wondering if i should have lifted weights so i can curb my appetite, or just enter xanga notes randomly.  i do the latter, chewing an orange-flavored trident gum, imagining that it were some scrumptious meal that’ll keep me going for the rest of the day.  i already did my workout routine.  everyday.  i wake up at 5, sometimes before the alarm kicks in, so i can run at speed 11.5 on the treadmill during the peak of my 30-minute run.

i contact some people.  some return my calls, some don’t; some i talk for hours in the evening talking about strategies and experiences on every transaction, some i talk briefly since i need to finish other stuff.  i neglect the tv unless my lady wants me to watch with her, just like i used to when i lived with roommies – tv wasn’t in my vocabulary unless i visited my parents during the weekend.

i check the fridge out: frusion, rotisserie chicken, rice, vegetables, klondike ice cream.  they’re all laid out there, but i end up eating lucky charms.  i resist the short-term pleasure for tonight’s meal, just like i do when i buy stuff.  there’s abundant cashflow coming in every month, i’d like to keep it that way instead of reducing the incoming flow by buying luxury like the others do.  instead i wait until the months turn into years so i can say i can do whatever i want, whenever i want (no, not whomever i want) in the next coming years.

i am me.  thanks for reading.






you were given time to rest wherein you would have set time to prepare a healthy lunch instead of a mere gum that does not really trick your hunger into believing that your tummy’s full.  you sit around when it used to be nerves coming out of your forehead from unnecessary stress and disdain.  you do this every hour, wondering, waiting.  knowing that your muscles are sore from this morning’s workout you would have concluded that now is the time to make use of your talents to help other people.  xanga used to be a daily regimen for you, and you chose to fill in more time with your ongoing passion.  you asked me to wake you up at 5, and i always do my best without waking your lady’s long slumber.  i always realized that you’ll eventually wear your bones out from that fast running, but you always counted on me to heal your internal wounds – confident that both our minds can heal perpetually without the use of contemporary medicine.    

you try to get a hold of people, and i generate an ether-like connection between those who produce the same imagination that you are trying to convey.  there are others who do not return your call either because you do not sync with the waves that their minds project or they have reached a certain level that you are still working on.  along with many people out there, that gentleman in jersey seemed to have the same ideas flowing inside your head because i orchestrated the same images coming from both of your minds.  and images can always be turned into their physical equivalent, as you choose to reproduce the beneficial aspect of it.   tv can be beneficial to a certain extent, but it precludes your obsession for it but because you feel the need to spend time with your loved ones.  deep inside you, your mind is full of ideas while your eyes are blankly staring at the tube – your mind is bursting with undefined bits and pieces ready to be used for the benefit of others.  you enclose them inside of you until you put them down on paper – just like what you do every morning.  the first part of your day is the most important part of your day.  i have programmed your subconscious state to receive ideas that can be sent through self-hypnotism and affirmations.  moreover, i opened the alpha state of your brain during the last 45 minutes of your conscious state so your mind can easily store and digest what you have talked into it while you figure out how you can entrap your dreams for future interpretation.

you keep on doing these self-affirmations, knowing that someday what you keep on doing materializes by itself.  you always picture yourself closing a deal, meeting and dealing with people effectively, doing the things that you deem successful, getting applause after a speech, finding parking space at a crowded mall, winning a sport tournament, getting approved for a bid or proposal, feeling better after a rendezvous… all of which have not happened yet until you finally experience your mental pictures turn out to be the exact equivalent of what you rehearsed in your head a million times.  you see yourself in this same weight and your body eventually commands itself to shed the pounds through the exercise routine or any means of attaining the object back of it.  you realize that the frusion, rotisserie chicken, rice, vegetables, and klondike ice cream in the fridge are just mere supplements that shouldn’t be indulged to an extent.  even though you know you have a big appetite, your body somehow stops itself from the extensive intake.  you don’t know how you do it, but you just do so.  you won’t live on lucky charms alone, that’s why i help you choose the appropriate food portion in moderation.   

if you remember, you used to always follow your natural cravings.  you preferred acquiring things right now instead of sacrificing in the interim.  you know the consequences of that.  you were broke for long periods of time back then, always referring to your scarcity consciousness.  in turn, your brain only produced what you only knew.  i changed all of that for you.  you re-programmed your mind into seeing the spiritual, mental, financial, and physical abundance of this world.  for once, an investor you know thought that ten thousand dollars was the biggest money he ever made.  he changed his financial thermostat and is now worried whether he’ll get half a million dollars or more from his next transaction. 

i helped you change most of the way you thought, and you would have never reached through me hadn’t you gone through all the trouble of being distressed, miserable, helpless and hitting rock-bottom at some points of your life.  you remember what kennedy said; ‘only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly,’ and you did a great job.  i have seen people reject your propositions, close their doors on you, mock you, humiliate you, and you still resisted and exercised your resilience.  you would not have happened to be at this point of your life if you did not reach many obstacles that shaped your present moment.  that is why i am asking you to move further away from your comfort level so you can get to the point where most have turned back.  be persistent, and i can show you the path someday.  you have seen the path, and you only need to know and be the path itself.  you already said it, you already see something coming in every month, wait until your mind attracts more right people and right circumstances that will help you accelerate the goals that you have set in due time. 

yes you are you, but without me, the Boss upstairs, and the rest of our mastermind group, you may still be getting the same results from the same things that you have kept on doing. 


didn’t write the rebuttal myself, the ideas just came out of nowhere.  ether maybe?

a man becomes what he thinks about all day long – ralph waldo emerson


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