the sky was gloomy, i listened to the morning radio as a wind advisory was announced by the deejay.  music started playing into my ears as i stared back out of the windshield.  i saw grey smoke coming out of nowhere.

the sky grew darker… i blacked out.

i found myself dressed in some sort of archaic type of clothes, animal fur woven in an intricate fashion perhaps.  i was sitting by the end of a cliff, a loaf of hardened bread in my hand, some advanced form of stone tools on the ground alongside broken branches.  i heard someone shouting my name.  no, that didn’t sound like my name.  it really wasn’t, but for some reason my mind was wholly responding to its call.  without hesitation, i picked my stuff up and ran into the woods. 

it was like deja vu when i passed through branches and tall yet exotic trees.  i knew i never been to this place before, didn’t even know where i was, but i was finding my way even though there wasn’t a path to follow.  i came out to the other side seeing a familiar image in the distance.

the gentleman who called be my a strange name started running toward me.  i didn’t know him, but i felt very comfortable with his presence.  wearing the same clothes with grown beard and mustache, he spoke in a certain native tongue that i couldn’t understand.  then suddenly, the words coming out of his mouth started making sense, like the gibberish translated itself into plain english.  he pointed me out to the grey smoke and i nodded in agreement.  i started asking him, assuming that the english words in my mind would get across him; but then i started talking in some language discovered in the archives before the birth of Christ.  i stopped talking, and the guy waited for me to finish my sentence, but then the english translation came out as some foreign yet familiar language from my mouthpiece.  i knew i’ve had great interest in knowing different languages, but this ancient native tongue was so amazing that i have never even heard myself hearing or speaking this language before.

as we reached the end of the flatland, the smoke that i’ve been studying led to a huge artifice that looked familiar.  i saw different kinds of animals herded by several people.  reaching the working grounds, a carcass of a lioness lay with a spear striking its belly.  i saw more dead animals as i made my way to this enigmatic artifact; the stench grew thicker.  i wanted to cover my nose but the urgency overrode my instincts.  knowing what i just saw, pairs of various sets of animals were led inside the wooden behemoth.  some animals tried escaping while several people got injured or hurt in the process.  looking back at the smoke, i saw a tall man in the distance.  he looked like he was saying his prayers on top of the wooden coffin, raising his hands in the sky, his own form of silence amongst the turbulence underneath him.  cries and shouts were heard.  i made out what the people were saying even though it sounded like it was the first time i’ve heard the words.  the sky grew darker and darker, almost pitch black as thunder rolled out in the sky. 


i came back to my senses as i saw a crack of light coming from the sky.  i have gotten past through the micro-climate as the sun started shining again.  the music was playing in english, highly-energetic, and spiritually refreshing.  i was back to the bright-filled morning drive.


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  1. Barbs says:

    fact? fiction? fantasy??

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