friday diary…

woke up 5 am, read, meditated, and wrote down stuff till 530, started daily 30-45 minute run (weight-training during the weekends) and then hit the weights (yoga or tai chi) until 730, drank protein shake for breakfast, jumped into the shower and got dressed, prepared coffee and lunch for wifey by 8, reviewed daily itinerary and appointments with secretary over the phone by 830, talked to partners regarding potential deals, progress of properties, and checked settlement dates until 930, spoke to realtors, advertisers, and foreclosure consultants about potential property listings until 10, picked the electric guitar up, practiced some cover songs and guitar lessons until 11, ran some errands and arrived home by 12, prepared and ate lunch by 1230, cooked early dinner until 1am, contacted title company regarding title work of prospective properties until 2, drove around to inspect prospective properties, called sellers to negotiate, and called attorney to ratify contract by 330, back home by 4, read a book until 5, reviewed contracts till 6, re-heated dinner, ate dinner with wifey over tv until 9, updated portfolio online until 10, read for a bit, hit sack at 11…


2 Comments on “”

  1. Barbs says:

    wife or wifey?

  2. Wifey?!?!!

    When did you get married, Freddie?

    What exactly do you do for work now?

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