who in the world puts their shoes on before their socks first?  it may happen rarely all across the globe.  but how about grabbing the toothbrush first before the toothpaste?    or instant gratification before sacrifice?  or applying the rule of 72 on any financial transaction. there’s no rhyme or reason to it, but sometimes our minds are programmed within reason that there’s actually no need to think any harder.  when you learned how to ride a bike, you had to be conscious about every movement until every procedure to pedal became easier each day.  same is true with driving, playing a musical instrument… it goes a long way.

TIME Magazine Cover: Recession - Mar. 26, 2001: Business, Economy -- Click for Table of Contents

reason why: i remember – and this is a while back – the front cover of this time magazine.  everybody runs to the restroom to do what’s needed to be done, but in some sort of order.  you hit the toilet seat, do your thing, and clean yourself up right after the ritual.  i did the reverse one time… well at least washed my hands right after.  i just didn’t notice it until a former co-worker who came in noticed me doing everything in reverse.

jw was in his mid-20s.  pretty laid-back, always wore a pressed suit but didn’t mind playing hoops at the office’s mini basketball court.  he had his own office while my 21 year old self had a cube.  most people around his age would have still probably donned the hiphop lifestyle, yet he successfully assimilated the corporate lifestyle; embracing long-term goals before instant gratification. he exchanged his muscle car into a practical sedan when his girlfriend had their baby.  i heard the tires of his ride screech through the parking lot one day after work, noticing that he still had the subwoofers on.  

he asked me if i needed something to read while doing the no. 2.  i said yes so he handed me the time magazine while on the pot. 

what’s the significance?  personally, our minds are trained to learn something theoretical and never get to apply most of it through personal development.  if henry maslow were to put it well, “if you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”  seeing every normal procedure in reverse (sans the no.2 incident) and then coming out with a different modus operandi should be phenomenal.  thus we have these patents, inventions, and different ways of solving equations, and all that good stuff. 

i was listening to this one interview by a guy who served time in the navy after graduating from georgetown and put his law school plans on hold.  he paid a couple thousand for this one program and got into a huge argument with his lady, convincing her that the mentor program wasn’t a rip-off and it was well worth the money.  not long after, he earns $400k a year at age 27 with his business, and in the interview stated that our traditional minds are programmed to be ok on paying over a hundred thousand to get into law school and not a couple thousand on something that might well be worth the opportunity.  so i guess now he can opt to finish his law degree with his own money.  thoughts of me, thoughts of she…

been busy…  busy bee watch the world go by.


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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. TonyTovar says:

    Rteck. So such posting would only deem the following question from me. Are you “minding” your own business? If so, whats your plan on becoming wealthy and how much does it cost? I’ve got mine, ill post about that next. And finally, here is a tip. If you want to be like the rest of America, or rather a part of the 90% that seems to always need more money, do exactly what 90% of America is doing. If you want to be apart of that 10% that has it worry free, then start thinking against the norm and lunge yourself at that worth-it opportunity.

  3. Barbs says:

    hmm…it is funny how stuck on ritual human beings are….

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