our dreams are the sequel of our waking knowledge. the visions of the night bear some proportion to the visions of the day. hideous dreams are exaggerations of the sins of the day. we see our evil affections embodied in bad physiognomies -ralph waldo emerson

every human being has is or her own unique traits.  of the millions of people out there, there is a great possibility that each of us share the same interests.  thus, we attract those very things that are in conjunction to those same interests.  unbelievably, it’s true.  not sad but true.  amazing and true.  some of the people i’ve known here in xanga, i believe i used to go out and party with.  total strangers who got nothing but luv in a concert, business people of different backgrounds converging into one mastermind.  i can give you the whole 9, but i tell ya -or someone else can tell it better, it just goes a long way.     

i met the spouse of an associate over one small weekend soiree and realized that he used to play with phil anselmo (former singer of pantera, for starters).  nobody would have thought that someone like me compared to a gentleman who already trains at pga would have something in common.  to anyone else, what we were talking about would have meant nada; but the same affinity to such a music genre, despite the different backgrounds we came from, intrinsically got me playing the guitar for him the rest of the evening.  of course, nobody else wanted to listen to metallica or stp (maybe john mayer) until midnight, but a connection was made; however, to prove a point.

years back, a former co-worker invited me to play in a weekend volleyball over at golden gate park.  the circle coalesced a variety of individuals who owned silicon valley startups, fresh grads who had to adjust about traveling too often on their first job, techies who just got laid off but were enjoying the cash out of a company buyout, execs who just loved hiking, and so on and so forth.  no, nothing to associate anything with, except volleyball and new ideas and endeavors that just came to my plate.  so who got back into playing “beach” volleyball for 6 hours tops somewhere in virginia every sunday (or at least tries to make it faithfully)?

we do not only serendipitously connect thoughts, people, and events that have similar interests to us; we actually attract them – and associate more with them if we want to.  we currently have a circle that vibrates the same kin to music, the arts, hobbies, and so forth.  we follow-through individuals who have a potential to our plans and future actions.  everything is an emotional attraction that eventually leads to a physical result.  so can we actually attract the specific things in our lives through the same principle?  success, failure, fortunate events, disasters…

wait a sec… what am i blabbing about?  i dunno, i’m probably trying to attract you into reading up to this far. tgif!


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  1. TonyTovar says:

    Hey Rteck, I need some info on how to get these pectorals and upper strength muscles pumped. I was wondering what kinda work out you have bro. I’m doing the 4 mile a day thing so far but I might devide it into 3 days of runnin and 2-3 days of pumping. Let me know what you think

  2. TonyTovar says:

    Hey, for the most part I try to run atleast four times a week four miles and then try to do some sit ups and push ups. Just fifty of each. I should be doing more at frequent times during the day to get a full work out. but that would look funny, me doing push ups on the hour every hour while at school lol. We will have to work something out. I do the inclines with free weights now but I might change that because its hard and I could probably do more weight with a machine or something. What do you think?

  3. TonyTovar says:

    Man, I was re-reading your xanga entry, how do you come up with this stuff. I likes it.

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