it’s been years since i haven’t updated.  i was driving to pick my kids up from school when the screen on my windshield suddenly broadcasted a dormant account that has been out in the web directory; and this xanga account apparently popped up.  i haven’t been cognizant that accounts like these last for more than 12 years.  amazing how i started writing on my xanga back in 2002, and over the years my logs have been kept at a higher and more precise technological invention that even stores mental pictures.  time does go by so fast.

the huge transition of my life must have started back in 2005, about 10 years ago.  even though some social aspects of the human race hasn’t transitioned much, so much has virtually changed with the way we are living our lifestyles.  i am writing this entry from the thoughts of my mind through a mind reading software, micro-computers are installed on every form of transportation, everything runs on sunlight, the real estate market of other countries is finally expanding in other solar systems and space stations, science has finally discovered the unlocking of the other 99% of the brain’s mental capabilities, the late greenspan’s legacy helped the federal reserve counteract against the unprecedented market crash of 2012, yadda, yadda, yadda…

i can just remember my parents telling me what happened when they were young.  they claimed that everything else was simpler, more conservative, and more manageable.  their ways of thinking almost influenced me into following suit, almost falling into the trap that not everyone can be financially, spiritually, physically, and mentally successful all at the same time; i can’t afford such and such, and all the limiting beliefs that they almost pounded in my head.  but reality just comes full-circle between me telling the same history but a much better version to my kids.  back in ’05 i thought having a stock from google was spectacular, a motorola razr was hot, claiming that starting a business or a .com was good enough, hip hop was dominating the global economy, and financial literacy was still in transition.  now, it’s just funny that i can come home to a nice estate overlooking the beach, my family drives nice cars that are owned free and clear, we can go to places anytime we want, my passive income gives me lots of time to pursue my hobbies and spend more time with my family, i can now provide for my retired parents’ vacation and living expenses, and i can give back huge sums to church and community without having second thoughts.  but yes, all of these came through 10 years of hard work, persistency and action.

ok, it sounds boring since everything that i’m saying is all commonplace to today’s way of living. but imagine if i would have said these things a decade ago, people would think i’m nuts.  i’m just trying to stop and smell the flowers here since life has gotten quite complicated.  i’ve been actually doing this same stop-and-ponder ritual back in the good old days.  the same unscrupulous principles that helped me become the person i am, with the success that i have been working on for the last 10 years.  i followed the paradigm that most people these days have been attaining as well.  almost everyone’s mind-sets have changed after a new phase of financial literacy dominated the entire school system and society.  thus, affluence is what i can describe of the society today: less financial troubles; independence from corporate and government assistance, and economically balanced systems.  it goes a long way.  the mind does have its way of working with spiritual and sociological restitution  i can now fully attest that what i have thought on the last 10 years definitely became the outward physical reality of this moment.

call me crazy, obnoxious, or whatnot, but i guess the reality’s different now.  i wouldn’t have probably gotten the things i want if i didn’t set my dreams on them.  …oops, my kids are here.  we need to catch that shuttle to mars in a bit.  my wife got the tickets for free while working on her phd at work.  gotta go…


for some reason i went on nostradamus mode.  just quite proptitious for a visualization exercise.


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  1. TonyTovar says:

    sometimes I do wish I could do it all again just to get rid of the “what if’s” 😐

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