i stared at the moon and it stared back at me.  its glowing features never seemed to dramatically change except for the flashes of life that i share it with.  my eyes lock with the very source of its light, and it seemed like this entity and i became one in essence.  i acknowledge this heavenly body, and other nocturnal sources of light, as a storage of my chronicles; an acknowledgement of my positive past, a reflective moment to focus on a major endeavor, a closure to complete past responsibilities, a checklist to review deep-rooted goals, an intuitive solution to personal problems, and  most often than not, a mere retreat for tranquil pondering.

as people write their own daily journals, i recall staring at a street light in front of my folks’ pad.  i imagine sending all of the major triumphs of the day and the ways that i could do to improve my mistakes directly to this amber-colored luster.  when i used to come home during the weekends, i’ll fix my eyes on it before i go to sleep, retrieving any memory that may be of practical use in the future.  yeah, it sounds weird.  but it worked for me; moving on…

we get into our darkest moments once in a while; call it defeat if you will, but i just had one a couple nights ago.  the last thing that i could remember from half an hour of frustration was peace.  some internal harmony.  some people would have done all the evils of the world, and i could have followed suit; blaming someone else could have been easy, a couple bottles of red wine were sitting in the fridge and i could have killed the rest of their contents, i could have relived my momentary reality escapades by partying, the whole kit and caboodle.  but moments after riveting my eyes on the living room lamp, i inquired for inner strength within.  an answer to my problems came from nowhere and the rest of the night turned pleasant and productive.  i needed to stop worrying to take action against the challenge. 

i can tell more of these personal oddball canons, and even my lady will send me signals of a perplexed look and a deaf ear.  but i stared at the same moon to relatively gain something from the experience.  i felt the fear of life’s challenges, but i took action anyway.  after collective thoughts of review, i decided what i wanted in the long haul, believed that the objectives were possible, and seeked more mentors and learned more to gain opportunities.  i rejected rejection, gave more, practiced persistence and never gave up.  it’s been the same source of light before i hit sack for several years.  i did not do it every evening; but when something compels me to stop and ponder how much has happened in my life lately, the light has always been my source of serenity and strength. 


chicken soup. canfield.


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