left hemisphere: well, why don’t you write something? 

right hemisphere: i can’t, it’s just not happening?

left hemisphere: what’s not happening?  can’t you at least write something about anything?

right hemisphere: well yeah, but anything can be boring.  i’ve virtually written the whole 9… at least i think i did.  from my personal experience, to my philosophies and momentary perspectives and applications, to my attempts of writing creatively.

left hemisphere: and what’s in it for you?  haven’t you learned a lot from your self-deliberation?

right hemisphere: yes, i did.  but i’m writing a journal that can be read in public.  some people may take my thoughts differently.

left hemisphere: who cares if you think differently?  do you always have to conform to society?   come to think of it, there are rules that we abide by, but it does not mean we have to be slaves to conformity.  those who have risen up to the ranks of success thought differently.  plato, gandhi, da vinci, franklin, carnegie, edison, gates, stone… i’m reiterating, i just want to pound this into your thick membrane… but all i’m saying is that their thoughts helped create what the current state of this world is at now.  the realization of today’s empirical, spiritual, and mental success in the physical world are highly dependent on the creative juices put into persistent action; besides, it’s my job to know the logic of the basic rules, so you don’t even have to sweat about that.  you direct what the rest of us do while playing a sport, performing on an instrument, drawing, obtaining a goal, and all that requires instantaneous and applied action from pre-meditated practice.

right hemisphere: that’s a lot of musing, but i guess you got a point there.  as a matter of fact, i’m still trying to process that literature you passed on to me by charles haanel.  it won’t take long until mr. subby here wakes up and permanently stores the information.

subconscious mind: hey, i heard that… don’t be talking smack about me.  we have to work together.  i may not be physically present to you but i’m just a heartbeat away.  and for the record, i’m not sleeping.  you just found the right tool for waking me up while mr. con-m here filters out the incoming stimuli.

conscious mind: i’ve been trying my best.  from now on, i’d like all the good thoughts coming in.  bad thoughts are just like weeds.  weeds don’t need nutrition, they just grow by themselves.  if i don’t deliberately plant positive ideas at least every minute, these bad thoughts just sprout out of nowhere.  come to think of it, the negative person you talked to earlier had nothing good to say coz that person’s mind is full of weeds… or bad thoughts.  see what happened to the entire crew when negative thoughts were clogging up our system?  mr. back over here was complaining about some mysterious ailment.  our blood just couldn’t control the pressure rising.  our internal systems aren’t just working right… aye, wassup blood!  *swings by to high-5 with blood

left hemisphere: easy on that weed thing, con-m.  james allen came up with that idea .  one word for you: quotation.

subconscious mind: mhmm…

right hemisphere: did i hear wee…

left hemisphere: don’t even think about it, r.hemmy.  focus. you’re past that phase.  so what do you really want to do now?  dno’t yuo wnat to wrtie… wait, who’s doing that?

right hemisphere: i think it’s the hands playing tricks on us.  tehyr’e terid of dnoig all the work tihs eivneng…  *clears throat… they want the eyes to finish tonight’s job.

hands: you heard the man.  let them take over.  we need some rest.

left hemisphere: ok then *looks over at r-hem… well i guess you’re not really writing something for now?

right hemisphere: we’ll talk about it later.  i’ve got a deadline to finish with your project.  i’m telling the entire body that the results are counting on their actions.


i just overheard some organs talking to each other.  *eyes finish reading and proof-reading


2 Comments on “”

  1. Barbs says:

    dood i really liked this. =)  i really did!!! and not just cuz of the w—- reference. lol.

    of course your’re privileged.

  2. Empyre says:

    I think its crazy how simply it seems you can take subconscious or conscious ideas and translate them into written words. That’s an ability I rarely possess but wish I had all the time.. consider yourself lucky. 🙂

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