it’s getting hot in herre!  any caliente news, anyone?

since i’ve been assimilating so much dark stimilu from the media lately, i will start as such and try to end on a lighter note – the light on the other side of the tunnel.

some of us probably got an early dose of reality at an early age.  divorces, premature family member bereavement, unfledged exposure to sex, drugs and violence, getting caught between the dilemmas of financial struggles, and any crisis that could ruin one’s innocence.  consequently, these people started acting more maturely than others, choosing between more pragmatic decisions over the daily joys that kids immerse into after class.  some became more financially conscious even in gradeschool, since their parents would tell them that there’s no money left for shoes and other toys except the one allotted to feed the family.

and this is where the fine line starts etching by itself.  a decision is made out of these circumstances whether one should make his or her life worthwhile or miserable.  by a single turn, one’s outlook changes and so does the world around the beholder. 

my mom used to tell me that i can’t buy the things that some of my schoolmates had because my brother’s going to college.  he needed the money for tuition and more expensive allowances.  i was in my teen years back then, and i didn’t know what to say right in front of her.  maybe she was right, and from that time on the financial blueprint of stuggle was passed on from parent to child: that every generation of our family had to sacrifice something for long-term goals.

over time i realized not everyone had the same experience.  some may have had worse, and i am grateful for what i had, and amazingly, some never even had those kinds of experience.  ‘i hate rich people:’ you see that mentality everywhere.  i don’t blame them if they think that way.  i’m sure everybody wants to have at least some of the luxuries life has to offer, but it all starts from the inside.  self-made millionaires had a different mind-set from the rest of the herd, and the way they thought gave them the success in life.  they broke the chains of being tied to the same generation of financially-struggling families and unleashed the full potential of what their minds could offer to them.  they attracted a world that was in direct relation to what they were always thinking to achieve such goals.  there’s a huge difference.

i told my mom that i was never going to raise a family wherein our kids had to experience short-changes and budgeting, wherein sacrifices had to be made for long-term goals, and problems arise because of financial matters.  the cycle had to be broken one way or the other.

i guess i didn’t reach the light, but i’m getting there.  been reading books lately; thought the ideas in the end would offset the darkness of my writing.  and dayam is it still hot.  drop it like it’s hot, drop it like it’s hot.


2 Comments on “”

  1. Empyre says:

    wow man..i never knew. keep on keepin’s kinda cool to every once in a while someone else is thinking about the same stuff you do sometimes. sometimes things are going too fast and I don’t notice. This one stuck out at me and said “psst, hey man..check this out!” and here I am.

  2. Barbs says:

    do you think u’ll raise ur kids differently?
    u know what? u’re the only person the reads my protected stuff….hehe thanks for reading…. =)

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