drawing from within.  intuition is directed onto the writer’s personal feedback, not intending to criticize anyone in particular.

we become what we think about.  everything that we are right now, this moment – this day, is the sum of what we thought… we do not achieve our destinies or realize our futures through physical effort at all; it’s always through what we do with our mind -brian tracy

that’s what they said how powerful the mind was.  if used the right way, it’ll give us the realities that we have always been perceiving in our thoughts.  if we say we can’t make it this far, then we can’t.  if the challenge is too hard, then i guess it will be before the initiation… ok, i’m just reiterating what these great people have said, but i guess it’s true.

someone even mentioned that it is through quantum physics that every related entity, even the energy in our minds, produces the results that we see as our realities.  everyone may not agree to that scientific reasoning, but i guess if we feed our minds with positive mental feedback, then the output or outlook of our world can turn more positive.  same is true with negative, happy, bleak, rich, poor, spirtual, or fruitul mental feedback.

Positive thoughts will improve health and healing.

i can absolutely concur, that by a single word or phrase that we see or hear from the outside environment – negative comments from strangers, negative remarks that leave psychological scars, any emotional event; can register and change the moods of our minds in an instant… one of the reasons we need to guard our mental thoughts with the right content.  one thought, if powerful and emotionally invading, can dilute an entire positive outlook in a blink of an eye.  i’m reiterating again… haha

my mind says i should go back to sleep.


great weather.  how we sometimes take em for granted.

a couple summers ago (summer of 02), i sprained my ankle from a sparring injury.  i would come back from north berkeley bart, limping from the car to my pad along channing, apply cold compress on the swollen area, and stay in bed and stare at the tube for the rest of the entire day, or weekend.  the sprain did not go away for several weeks, so all i said to my former co-workers was i marinated myself the entire weekend despite the kitchen conversation about the great weather.  all that while the rest of those taking summer courses, and maybe the entire bay area, enjoyed walking around their own respective ways.

a few years ago (fall 02), i just started writing my xanga.  03 came in with such great fervor in sunny weather that i still kept myself, along with my other former studious roommate, in the comforts of our unit beside the frat houses.  i would only come out for korean bbq while the sun set, the fans roaming around the streets from a football game, and i just didn’t care even a bit about the sunny weather that just happened.

i did get to go out and get some sun during the last few years -aimless driving, lazy reading in the grass, running along the beach, and all the great stuff we could do under the sun.  maybe i did enjoy some of those breath-taking moments, but honestly, they would not even encompass 80% of the opportune moments that i could have siezed with.

this time, i’ll make sure to stop by and literally smell the roses outside.  even the smallest, yet most wonderful, things are taken for granted.  weather schmeather.


whatever you dwell upon in your conscious mind, grows in your experience.

whatever we believe, with feeling, becomes our reality.  that if we wish to change our realities, we must change our beliefs about ourselves in relation to reality. -ditto 


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  1. Barbs says:

    man…2002….only 3 years ago but it might as well have been a lifetime eh?  weren’t u on the west coast then and i guess i was on the east coast.  and now we’ve switched coasts!

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