if i can imagine…

nothing but a hazy sky.  rows of 5-year old buildings diminishing in the horizon, with staccato triangular roof bases on top of an austere, weather-ridden facade, their structures looking like nocturnal shadows in the dark.  several parked cars lined up and sleeping on an open parking space, exhausted from today’s work, a balcony, a sliding door, and a darkened room.

it is only but a dark side of night.

but if i see…

a clear and bright day.  rows of newly renovated structures complimenting the pleasant horizon, with intricately aligned roof bases with cream-colored walls and red bricks illuminating the facade, their structures looking like snow-capped glaciers in the alps… all bright and breath-taking  several cars humming their engines on an open parking space, ready for another day’s work, a shimmering balcony, a reflective sliding door, and a tranquil room to observe all of these small yet wonderful things.

then all my evenings can turn into sunny days.


physical ailments.  it’s all in your head.  superlearning 2k.

start with your toes.  scan them for tension and then release it.  check your legs for muscle knots or tense areas.  then let that tension go.  scan your buttocks. lower back, and abdomen for tense, tight muscles.  let the tension go.  check the upper torso, shoulders, chest and back.  release that tension and tightness.  scan your arms, neck, jaws, face, and head for tension.  release that tension.  let it go.  notice how good it feels, scan. relax, unwind. let go.


attitude determines altitude.  don’t mind me; i used to immerse myself into these jungian and freudian-related applications. 


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  1. Barbs says:

    i wonder why everybody’s postings recently have been so cryptic and shrouded in mystery….

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