time to go to sleep.  it’s past 11 in the east coast, past 8 back west.  i’ve yet to imagine while laying in the dark on what i really want my life to become these next few years.  i want the other part of my mind to pick up the internal images, eventually transforming them to mere tangible entities.  suggesting my own body to follow the plans that have made others reach their fortunes and success. 

to others, taking control of life is like a message in a bottle.  it floats around a huge body of water, randomly going with the flow no matter how hard or easy the ocean treats it.  it only sways with the waves, and the waves control where the bottle goes.  the message inside accepts its own fate wherever the destination of the ocean brings it to.  there are many ‘bottled’ lives floating out there.  some bottles make it, some don’t.  they let the life of the sea decide their journey’s end.  while the rest of these bottled messages follow the sea’s orders, other messages find ways to break away from the comfort levels of the bottle, facing the vast ocean themselves.  it may be tough at first, as the message eventually disintegrates with the ocean, but in the end these messages turn their lives the other way around, becoming one with the ocean.  the ocean assimilates the message, and the ocean becomes the message itself.  the lives of these messages become a plethora of great wonders of the ocean.  they become their own destiny, which is the endless wonders of the ocean.


i won’t pass for a good bedtime storyteller to my future kids.


One Comment on “”

  1. poopsie903 says:

    what are you talking about?? you are a great story teller!!! you should be a writer.
    ryc: the boston accent is slowly forming. i’m scurred…

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