the first year will be at its close this june, and 4 more to go before i head back and settle in cali for good.  more persistence, a network of generous individuals, and imagination are needed to gain more experience.  a specialized knowledge to gain a different perspective of this internal desire is what i have been trying to convert into physical form and reality.

the lights swirled past my eyes at 10pm on a friday night.  i stared on the right side of 80 and asked how my younger brother was doing with the daily grind.  after a year starting with financial gridlock and fruitless quagmires, he could finally declare a couple more leads to close within the next few months.  my blood’s one of those tax-deferring realty people; and although i respect everyone’s work nature, one of the investors warned me against dealing with dipping my toe on their retail sales.  our conversation was casual, however; catching up a general idea on the market.  i had to keep my eyes and ears open to anyone more knowledgeable despite the conceded restrictions.  they said that the average person needs to hear or see something 7 times before she/he acts on it; and i guess i had to ask different subtle versions of the right questions several times to get the right answers without pressing the wrong buttons.  in all fairness, the drive home was more of a catch-up with family.

the fraternal conversation embraced nothing major than my observations of the newly-renovated sac airport.  younger bro who picked us up opined that the state did new improvements, corroborating a series of figures from his own analysis.  the last time i remembered passing by this airport was almost 5 years ago, quite reminiscent of a single level terminal such as oakland’s, dropping someone off before heading to my weekly frequents at cache creek.  that evening, the majestic ambience of the arrival area almost looked similar to baltimore’s.  this neck of the woods’ sudden change definitely threw me off after all these years.

the change turned static when i got to see my family soon after.  everything in the house still looked the same.  some new stuff here and there, but pretty much the same ambience with my folks and siblings.  home is where the heart is, and i don’t expect any change with the love that my family brought me up with.  this was the same place i came home to every weekend for endless meals.  i touched the catholic statue by the foot of the stairs before i made my way up.  the feeling was all the same, but i had to do something to change my parents’ lifestyle before their lifespans start to burn.  someone explained that if i keep on doing the same things in life, i will keep on getting the same results.  if nobody changes, i had to initiate a stupendous change to give back what my family gave to me.  it was time to get back to the freeway afterwards.  my lady and i had to situate ourselves near the city.

the budweiser factory still emitted its reddish smoke along the freeway.  i searched for any new programs, wondering whether a particular station changed the way it played its music.  my head focused on the wheel while i had to figure out how we were going to visit at least 10 feasible places in one saturday.  visiting relatives who stretch out from vallejo to san jose, a couple grad parties around the peninsula, lunch at mountain view, a spontaneous cookout in san bruno, and a brief yet worthwhile rendezvous down one of the city’s clubs.  looking in retrospect, we missed a great friend who’s wife is a few months due with her baby, a sunday club event due to a wedding on the same day, and some relatives who were just on the way.      

we were here for the big day anyway.  nothing more would have motivated us to fly in if my oldest cousin and her great friend of 7 years weren’t tying the knot.  it was more of a family thing, nevertheless.  some news here, some relative advice there; a dash of suggestion here, and a dash of learning there.  this is a recap of what i needed to do before my next 4 years in the east coast were up.  time is ticking so fast that i’ve got 80% of my deadline under my belt.  besides, a day full of random visits already made up for the brief yet awesome vacation.   


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