when you look at a person, you see a light, a burning flame, and a keenness of passion deep inside the person’s heart.  you see different sets of brightness ebbing outward, leaving glowing marks from each held object to the sea of air flowing around us.  it’s invisible to the naked eye, but you can sense it everytime.  it’s the pungent smell of hostility and ignorance on subway trains, and the fresh scent of happiness on the rolling fields of spring.

the light is different, different from those that come out of flourescent light bulbs and lamps, but a layer of the person’s entirety enveloping the crevice of an oozing soul – almost willing to flee.  the soul does not leave, it stays there.  it only touches another soul, hoping that the other soul’s intensity goes with the same wavelenght as the former’s.  as the earth changes in a rapid constant rate, so does the intensity; and not all days are considered perfect.  there will be clashes, blades of thought hitting the bones of another, spears of elemental nature slicing through the soul’s skin, and behemothic bursts of energy burning the entire spirit.  you may feel sick at one time, weary the other at certain negative places, and troubled with people you are not familiar with.  your inner worlds are colliding, energies intertwined with a positive and negative charge, and who knows what might happen.  but who are we to use such invisible forms?  the only light that favors the good and the free has a distinct color from the rest.  it is white.

the burning flame is different; it stays there, protecting the body from malicious haunts and attacks.  it can come out of your hands, 2 forces of protection ready to strike the attacker.  but the flame remains the same.  it can be used or misused, depending on the voracity of those who despise you.  no wonder they call it back stab, because their words emit sharp edges that slash through the back of your spine; thus injuring you from no source whatsoever.  you feel a huge stone has amassed inside your chest, and you don’t know how to take it off.  it will eventually leave you, as your spirit goes stronger; and the stronger you become, the more the stone disintegrates all by itself.  it is the within the depths of your soul that this flame carries the source of its presence, but it only takes time to know why.

the keenness of your passion is where you wish to go in life.  it creates the world around you, whether you want it to be a happy story or a gloomy one.  what you create in your mind manifests itself in the outside: your friends, your work, and your attitude towards each and every entity.  you wished for this to happen, worked on it, and the thought became reality despite the many naysayers that bring you down.  you dream of something to come true, put your hopes into actions, and the actions lead you to your goals, and that’s why your thoughts are the most powerful things that create your world.  passion is where your mind does its masterpiece, and without it you will easily give in or give up.  passion is where you pursue where nobody even dares of pursuing, but you see it because others have been there.  passion is what reflects your everyday constant thoughts of your spiritual, physical, mental, and financial wealth towards the fruits of the outside environment.  yes, and the word does become flesh.  some said that your choice and application of words almost always reflects what you do in life.  i may be wrong, but it’s my passion to learn more despite the many failures i make.


and what am i writing?  things about the other world that may be applied to the naked eye.  other than that, just keeping my fingers crossed on who would be the next motivated seller willing to give up a distressed property.  a notch down the ordinary is the memorial weekend 2 weeks from now.  moreover, the dossiers of authors like napoleon hill, roy walford, thomas stanley, and robert allen are up for another review.  

what is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself -abraham maslow


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  1. Chiapet502 says:

    hmm…hallucinagenic photos. u should write a novel.

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