‘nah man, i wouldn’t go for craigslist.  the rents on that site are overrated.’

that was a conversation back in 2001.  sweaty and tired, a coleague and i were taking off our sparring equipment when i asked for a good site.  i was looking for a room to rent somewhere around sunset district in the lower 500s.  craigslist sounded like a household word during the converation. 

now who hasn’t used or even bumped into the site over the internet?  craigslist was the site where i found all of my former roommates, looked around the bay area for places to stay, searched for musical instruments, got a job that leveraged my skill to another substantial level, negotiated terms with unsuccessfully buying and selling vehicles, some useful referrals, and all that good stuff.  on a personal note, the site was almost next to e-bay in conjunction to stuff search, more to aol chatrooms in terms of dealing with dead-end knuckleheads, and almost the same as the long-gone webvan in regards to delivery of goods among perfect strangers.  like coffee in the 50s, it was steamy, in a hot market, and cheap… but don’t y’all take my word for it.

although it was the craigslist company that solely made the bottomline from job advertising, the site was almost a win-win situation for everyone who wanted to do business.  washington post even featured the site sometime ago, and it only shows that the company is growing significantly.  a few years back, i used to see several major us cities listed; now, the site has busted out more links to major cities around the world like crazy.  if a small business wanted to get local candidates for less the price, craigslist’s invoice only came with a $50 charge per job posting (or did it go up now?).  for some, craigslist.org was way worth than monster.com’s invoice fees.  other than that, most of the postings such as rentals, barters, cars, resume listings, baseball and concert tickets, etc. were free of charge, do you want to sell your dubs?  sell it locally on craigslist.  do you want to sell your phone?  craigslist.  want some free furniture?  wanna hook up?  craigfudginlist.

some would even suggest craigslist as the freeloader’s haven.  what other online flea market would have a good bargain other than the site’s phenomenal growth for commercial variety?  a freebie for me was like watching the wizards play against the celtics for a pair of free tickets.  well my lady hooked me up.  my disclaimer on the site: like any other endeavor, one has to be careful with whom you’re dealing with.  with experience, you’ll learn which pitfalls to avoid and which deals are right on the money. 

when webvan first came out, i ordered groceries right through their portal.  i still have 2 of their crates for keeps at my parents’ place (do they sell those crates on e-bay now?)  when e-bay first came out, i bought a tag heuer watch for $5, only to end up getting a picture of a watch along with my money ripped-off.  the rules against scams weren’t highly systematized during e-bay’s advent.  but yeah, with mistakes comes experience. 

why am i talking about craigslist?  i dunno.  i thought the site was just helpful these days.


3 Comments on “”

  1. poopsie903 says:

    if it werent for craigslist, i’d be homeless right now!!! I love CL!

  2. jujuizm says:

    holler!! hehehe.. sorry ferd.. it seems that everytime u call my cell, its either im at work or at school!! my bad fool! oh, btw! arf arf!! im hollering at my dawg!! hahahhaa.. and i love CRAIGSLIST also!!!

  3. Chiapet502 says:

    hmm..never used it

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