now what should i write about?  ok, i see the matrix banner on top of this entry.

for some reason i would still get the chills when i see the matrix scene where keanu dodged the agent’s leads in bullet-time.  don’t get me wrong, i’m a big matrix fan.  even though i liked the first movie than the sequels, i have adored its philosophy about life and everyday thinking.  the principles laid in the movie was an amalgam of eastern and western beliefs, ranging from the archaic greeks to taoism, from orthodox christianity to pagan rituals with nature… now you know who is a huge philosphy nut (or used to be).  a business degree with out-of-this world ideas.  a buddhist, who was a guest speaker in a former class, claimed that some of them practice nirvana by rolling on e.  ok, that doesn’t mean i’m excused from that clause. :p  moving on…

i do admit doing an hour-long meditation when i made the time, read books about ‘the way’, a chapter of psalms and proverbs a day, applied the practice of achieving immortality and esp, and followed the famous anecdotes of those who thought against the crowd but made a mark on the map.  did i get to apply them?  not all, perhaps.  did i get into trouble insisting their felicitous existence?  probably.  some people told me that one is full of idealism, zest and enthusiasm with youth; but as one grows old will these traits turn into practical and empirical (yet boring) convictions.  and who are these people, by the way?  the ‘lifers’ who really never made it in life but instead became aged-old scrooges who will try to show the wrong ropes to those who believed in a dream. 

but look at those who made it.  their personalities and beliefs are way different than the cynics and pessimists.  of course, they did not have to worry about their lives when they got everything.  luxury, great fortune, the whole 9, you name it.  i guess they just never gave up despite the lower duality of 80%.  richness, they said, is not really materialistic.  it’s all up in the head.  the millionaire minds (t. h. eker) do not set their financial thermostats only to the thousands or less, but to millions or even billions.  that’s why some never believed in job security.

ok, just as this entry is similar to a spoon, there is no spoon.  back to staring at that matrix banner.  is it slap your co-worker day today, anyway?


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  1. jujuizm says:

    the matrix!! YAY!! i like!! hehehehhe

  2. Chiapet502 says:

    i love it when they spoof that in shrek!

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