i love the 90s, part deux!

now how do some people apply the 100:10:3:1 rule from real estate to other aspects of life?     the principle essentially goes by the fact that “…if you look at 100 properties, put offers in on 10, and try to arrange financing for 3, you may end up buying 1.”  let’s start doing the plug and chug.

writing ideas
“…if you look at 100 pieces of reading materials, get interesting ideas from 10, and read intensively on 3, you may end up getting 1 unique idea.”

“…if you are interested in at least 100 stocks, perform pre-fundamental and technical analysis on 10, and place market orders for 3, you may end up beating the market with 1.”

club rejection
“…if you look at 100 prospects, only get vague responses from 10, and try to successfuly get numbers from 3, you may end up getting a return call from 1.”

bank approval
“…if you go to 100 banks to ask for the most feasible business plan loan, get turned down by 10, and try to revise the proposal to 3, you may end up getting approved by 1.”

auction lemon check
“…if you look at 100 vehicles, thoroughly check on 10 favorites, and try to have a mechanic get a second look on 3, you may end up finding the right 1.”

paranoid android
“…if you have100 reasons to say that something’s wrong with you, get personal advice from 10, and some professional second opinions from 3, you actually may end up concretely believing just 1.”

job hunting
“…if you send your resumes to 100 openings, get responses from 10, and manage to get final interviews from 3, you may end up landing 1.”

“…if you ask 100 individuals, get replies from 10, establish initial referrals from 3, you may end up getting a loyalty and dedication of 1.”

“…if you hate on at least 100 lives, openly cuss the fuck out on 10 random ones, and try to pick out a fight with 3 who have candy shop hookups, you may end up losing but 1 life.”

all in theory, ladies and gents.  but still, a lot of other factors can increase the likelihood of this same old game all of us have been playing.  but like they said, everything is a numbers game, the more rejections you get used to, the more chances you find the better deals.  the more you fail, the more chances of succeeding big.  the more people you work with, the better your personality adapts to society.  the more contractors you deal with everyday, the better your chances of pinning an investment.  one investor at least talks to 25 contractors a day.  i wonder how many more trump does on a similar manner.  the art of the deal.

and now for some personal application
“…if you work on 100 tasks a day, do trial and errors on 10, and nail at least 3 prospective plans, you may end up staying up late at 1.”

any pantera fans out there?  here’s a segment of their ‘cowboys from hell’ tab.  a great exercise for your guitar fingers.  trust me.



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  1. TonyTovar says:

    Thoroughly impressed. But for my personal books business, it goes a little something like this. you look to at about 3 prospects of pallets full of books. you bid on 100% of those pallets (all three), starting at 10 dollars a pallet and you might walk away with 1 pallet of books at the end of the auction. 🙂 tony

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