happy earth day!  we sure do have a lot of these commemoratory days.  do they have xanga day yet?  xanga or xangan?  you choose.  hell, make it bloggers’ day.

for days i’ve been trying to remember this main street in my mind; and for some reason the word still doesn’t pop up.  i could have easily looked it up on the internet but for old school’s sakes, i’m testing to see if there really is a ‘memory palace’ inside my brain.

how did socrates, plato, pythagoras, etc store a lot of information without writing them?  someone knows the term, but i can call it a ‘memory palace’ for convenience’s sake.  if a person can at least imagine a room with furniture and personal items, each personal item such as an imaginary diary can draw up names and birthdays of people.  pulling up another drawer can store the number of transactions one did for the last week or so.  a word ‘birthday’ can be seen hanging on the wall to indicate someone’s upcoming birthday.  ok, i didn’t explain it well, go figure; i’m not a rocket scientist with exquisite technical info.  but let’s say if one can store at least a semester’s worth of course studying in one room, then i guess a full load of semester can take up to 5 or 6 rooms, depending on the course load.  line those rooms in one hall and create more rooms right across them: that would be next semester’s courses individually stored in each room.  so if a scholar claimed the philosophers had at least over ten thousand mental rooms stored in their memory, then they could at least coin it as a ‘memory palace.’

unfortunately, mine’s only a ‘memory shack.’  a memory love shack, if you will.  ok, i’m working on expanding my shack like an investor’s real estate empire. 

shit.  i just remembered the street.  shattuck avenue.  i’m not sure if it really worked.  but after sporadic moments of visualizing where that word was , a photo album stuck out among moving boxes, but without the word of that main street

the corner of it and university was a mickey d’s, the power bar building dominating the downtown area, a huge wells fargo bank right across the rail station, mendicants and cabs lined-up all day long, a small yet favorite chinese place beside an eye doctor’s office and kaplan, subway, krishna copy center, the 24-hour fitness that virtually had no parking, the renovated library, gnc, a small music store, barnes & noble, jamba juice.  the street that i didn’t mind roaming around on a warm summer night.  ok, make it for all seasons.

that was just the first page. and finally a half-torn fortune cookie strip fell off with ‘shattuck ave’ printed on it.  i wonder where the strips of ‘college, telegraph, oxford, channing, piedmont’ and the others go?  correct me if i’m wrong, but those fortune cookies gave me the opportunity to walk around town for an entire day.

i’ve got a lot of cleaning and inventory to do.  i’m not sure if i still have other rooms out there.  visualizing the door leading outside, the sign said ‘year 02 experience.’  some 02 memory love shack we have here.

go shawty, it’s your earth day.  we gunna party like it’s your earth day. corny, eh?


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