dear diary,

at first it was mind-boggling to write resumes that get one directly to the company door.  now it’s effective business proposals.

it used to be hours stuck playing games on pc or game consuls.  now it’s all research.  it used to be calling people out of casual circumstance during down time, now the phones are trial-and-error conversations of business references and networks.  it used to be any favorite internet website for leisure; now it was either for business research or database information.  the evenings used to be for laid back stuff, now an hour or so can be exerted on logistics and further theoretical knowledge.  it used to be the straight a’s sought after in class, now it’s the credit report as the financial report card.

is it wrong to go against the crowd?  not to go through conventional means?  to break away from the comfort level just to experience what others have?  is it worth sacrificing several years for a lifetime relief?  is it worth the criticism, discouragement, and failures?  is it all worth it?  is it really?  either way, one can be ostracized or venerated on both sides of the sword, bankrupt or filthy-rich on extreme calibrations, or become a living success or a lunatic.

but what the hell?  it’s friday!

and for a classic quickie:  what’s the color of snow? what do cows drink?





2 Comments on “”

  1. poopsie903 says:

    it used to be writing in a diary book. now its typing in xanga. have a good weekend!

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