looking back over 10 years ago, i used to be a huge metallica
fan.  learning quite a few of their guitar tablatures,
knowing that kirk hammett was half-filipino despite its frivolity,
mimicking james hetfield’s roaring voice while playing with my circle
of friends in an amateur studio, and being closed-minded
about other genres other than the metal regime.  on top of that:
the loss, the games they played, the vices, and moving on to the next

and right at this moment, watching metallica’s some kind of monster documentary almost revived the youthful years back in me. 
past the napster lawsuit backlash, the former ‘acoholica’
members are now mutli-millionaires, and the doc being
filmed around sf moreso brought back the years when i passed by
the presidio area, the cool evening of amber-lit victorian houses,
and maybe through the gg bridge. now, these heavy
metal members who used to perform to over a million worldwide
headbanging metal fans are now married with
children.  i was already past my phase of breaking my
shell and embracing other cultures of music such
as  hiphop, jazz, and other current genre fusion.  maturity was
taking over.  some, if not all of it.

just a thought.  quite reminiscent of what i used to do.  the master of puppets memories.


One Comment on “”

  1. Chiapet502 says:

    i’m glad that most of them cut their hair! 80s rock hair is gross!

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