having a job is good and leads ultimately to wealth. (tip: wealth is when small efforts produce great results.  poverty is when large efforts produce small results)

saving your money is good investment.

debt is bad – avoid it like the plague. (tip:investment debt is another story)

security is good. (tip: the more you love security, the more likely you will avoid risk)

failure is bad. (herb true: what people don’t realize is successful people often have more failures than failures do.  but they keep going)

wealth is measured in material possessions. (hollis norton: broke is a temporary condition.  poor is a state of mind)

someone else is responsible for my financial well-being.

the acquiring of wealth is a win/lose game.

it takes money to make money.


true or false?  ra or rtk, anyone?  we respect everyone’s personal opinions, regardless.


One Comment on “”

  1. poopsie903 says:

    you forgot “its everyone elses fault but my own”

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