ever had roommates from hell?  or just the silver lining between sanity and absolute psychosis.

but on the realz, who likes to itemize their tax returns?  party on.  now who likes to file their taxes themselves?  may you know more about the irs loopholes. *sacred shrine bow

i believe all loopholes are technically not meant for all, but somehow i am writing my dossier in conjunction with taxes and roommates.  ‘death and taxes,’ if joe black were to put it.  not that i ran into any former roommates’ obituary, but death somehow made sense with mortgage (mortir = death) despite the black and white between rent and own.  the frivolous analogy somewhat made my train of thought relate its meaning to rent.  mere death may mean making a mistake of writing out a check to the comedian ‘mike myers’ instead of ‘robert myers.’  the latter was the name of one roommie’s dad who handled the lease payments, and she didn’t really trip about my goof until i did it the second time… (yeah, baby!)  remembering my former roommates at the villas was the first milestone of being independent from financial advice.  finally broke the chains of certified tax filers for $35 a pop, to say the least.  our pad was on the 11th floor overlooking the eastern side of the westlake district.  it was specifically near a golf course although the other side led to sf state campus.  didn’t go to school there but i took advantage of the 24-hour library while burning the midning oil with ye olde time 415 peepz during my east bay domicile.  my first few weeks involved some of the most memorable moments: going down the elevator to pick laundry tipsy-mode while taking care of drunk roommie and her la friend, coming home on friday evenings to see my other stoned roommate do his jimi hendrix rendition on his guitar,  and inadvertently locking myself out while waiting for cartman to pick my ass up to an underground party in the city.

those who own small businesses need personal accountants to run their financials smoothly.  even an employee in johns hopkins’ finance department had his own while doing consultant business.  someone’s is virtually a work in progress.  using the word ‘virtual,’ i’ve seen beancounters cook their books to save other project managers’ asses, but who cares?  the small business isn’t as big as the fortune 500’s and the irs peepz don’t have time to audit to the last penny.  nevertheless, i morally and firmly stand corrected.  what happened to arthur andersen these days?

tomorrow’s my mom’s barfday, and after weeks of procrastination, i have finalized mine; and i have yet to dreadfully wait for irs approval (well, not really dreadfully) while i try to cross my fingers to sleep (with no more roommies).  since i can’t access the secure e-mail server on the net in the meantime, i can’t share any of those ‘cool’ marine pics.  maybe next time.  and who knows, i could have gotten more with h&r after all these years’ rebellion against financial advice.  part of the system, yet more to learn.  mom and family are in sd so we can’t send flowers to the pad, and i’m sure my younger bro and sis are in the midst of throwing a house party before they come back.  and another fine line: never hook up with a roommate; although some get away with technical loopholes.  not i, my friend.  law abiding citizen here. (roight!)

i’ve been using parentheses lately… now who does last minute edits on their entries, relentlessly keeping them on top of refreshed blogring pages?  count me in.

goodnight neverland!  (noticing the way i wrote: dude, i’m not on crack, just a bit wired. totally.)


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  1. poopsie903 says:

    i used to be in the 24 hr room too! never went to school there either. haha

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