so what’s new?  featherweight boxer pacquiao lost against morales at the vegas fight, started watching this korean drama series called ‘winter love song,’ and finally breached my plateau after 2 weeks of struggling.  although i didn’t see the fight, my people have been talking about this prosaic boxing showdown for at least a week.  then a friend’s unhourly text message saying that he lost.  unhourly to say, yet i was still up at 4am this morning.  i was about to finish the first disc of winter sonata when my phone started text vibrating.  homee must still be up at 1am pacific time, clamoring about an event not everyone knew about, and i realized that i won’t be able to wake up at 8am to do my 45-minute weekend treadmills.  it’s been a while since i’ve been very religious about working out, but turning my lunch hour into quick workouts proved that my weight not only kept itself from shooting up; but i’ve been starting to hear less from my mysterious body aches while it felt good feeling sore everyday.  the same guy who sent me the text message, also used to be my gym spotter a couple years back.  i told him that i was leaving the city to focus  more energy on schoolwork, and i eventually kept it down to daily runs around a college town and occasional hoops at rsf.  since i’ve been trying to get the right reasons to get back all this time, the gym at my workplace finally gave me hundred and one to hit the weights and do cardio training each workday.  on top of that, my body’s rude awakening came from a physically active co-worker who was already in his 40’s, yet looked like he was still in his 20’s.  his youthful physique was reminiscent of choi ji woo, bae yong jun and the other winter sonata casts portraying immature highschool personae.  so yeah, started using the stairs instead of the elevator, took advantage of the department’s green tea, and my body started getting used to the lean diet.

nothing special, but i guess i can interconnect phrases like a boxing tourney, a korean tv drama series, and my revived lifestyle into one trivial dissertation.  i ‘guess’… ok, i went to ‘guess’ at a virginia mall with my lady yesterday…


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  1. Nerdaholic says:

    Dude! I totally know what you mean. It was that friggen headbutt that lost it for Pacquiao. That, and the fact that he left Morales standing in the 12th. Pacquiao had at least 2-3 good chances to put Morales down in the 12th, but I guess he was tired, because he didn’t string more than 2 hits in any given combo. He actually fell back a little bit. My homeboy taped it, so we were rewinding it over and over. LOLBut yeah…horrible ender. We’ll just have to see what he can do next match. It’s all good though. You know he got paid hella money for that fight, even if he lost…

  2. Barbs says:

    i LOVE falling back into the workout groove.  i don’t know how u can watch those chinese/korean/japanese/any asian soap operas…all the characters behave in the most asinine fashion and the men look like women and the women look like girls….lol sorry….

  3. TonyTovar says:

    Haha, boxing, oh how i miss the Ceasar Chavez Days. Hey dude, sup? Yeah… i got traffic tickets and insurance violations cause i didnt have it in my car so i have to go prove to the court that i have insurance tonight and hopefully get paid my full amount of 550 bucks on that ticket. I could have saved myself a lot if i had just remember to send that info in earlier … yikes!

  4. Anonymous says:

    boxing… i never got into it.. ok so ive never seen a fight =p

  5. poopsie903 says:

    everyone is so into those korean tv series. total tear jerkers. i’ll have to check them out one of these days.

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