bits and pieces from a locker room experience.

the mixed scent of fresh soap and body odor were scouring  through every inch of the shower room.  professionals from all walks of life arrived from the hussle and buzzle of the afternoon rush hour.  on a personal note, they all seemed anxious to take the stress off from the daily grind.  generally, everyone was getting ready to hone each cut from his body before summer started.  it was my first few weeks at 24hour fitness, with a likely frail body, yet backed-up with an eagerness to pack more pounds of muscle.  spring of 1999 was drawing near to a close as the sun started setting at a later time, and the millennium bug was still harassing the crap out of every it department.  i found my way through a mass of protein-packed bodies and found one of the last vacant lockers on the far end.  threw my sweats inside the cabinet, padlocked, and headed out for the gym.

a couple hours after tearing several muscle tissues, i came back seeing a couple gentlemen sitting right next to a locker.  they were laughing at a freshly-bought padlock laying on its rear side, and showing a sticker with its combination.  of course nobody dared open it, but there have been reports of stolen goods in the men’s room.  i was greeted by some acquaintances while they were referred to the non-existent laughing stock of the moment.  i joined the commotion and small talked with everyone else.

after a good number of people left, i immediately ran to the locker and peeled the sticker off to learn something from the experience.  bits and pieces of it.


2 Comments on “”

  1. Anonymous says:

    what? what?

  2. poopsie903 says:

    oh my gosh! it was yours? or did you help someone from being robbed? thank goodness nothing was stolen!

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