a former boss used to listen to this one jazz station all day at work to win the daily trip-a-day giveaway.  it was a full-expense trip for 2 to any getaway place of your choice.  while these things happened, i recalled one fresh graduate who kept wondering in paranoia about what his girl was up to in st. louis, the other one boasted a thousand napster-downloaded tracks, and my boss never kept the radio out of her reach.  the inception of this redwood city corporate headquarters converged our cubicles like puppetmasters of every satellite office around the nation.  it was almost the end of 2001, and the .com bubble was slowly showing its notorious magnitude of disaster.  disaster or not, the area was at the heart of it all.  as winter it may be to one’s perspective, there was a perseverance of great weather, a haven surrounded by other tech companies, diverse choice of restaurants, and so much more.  it seemed like everything great was there.  other than the long 280 drive from fog city down the peninsula, i enjoyed the picturesque foliage while commercial-free alternative tracks played in the background.  my knack of listening to different genres over the radio froze when this new rock station emerged as live 105’s rising competition.   

an executive personnel discussed protocol while i remembered the jazz station’s upcoming announcement of the winner of the same pr trip.  still was a full-expense trip, only narrowed down to maui.  i had been listening to the bay area jazz station through live stream while my lazy ass gave up searching for the local streams.  while these things happened, a retired officer wondered and raised how the building security worked, the other one boasted about the new policy’s systematic equipment requisition, and my mind never kept the thoughts of the radio station out of reach.  the customary familiarization converged the 12th floor boardroom like the same puppetmasters’ connections to other government contracting units in and out of the nation.  it was today, one more week till the end of february, and the investors’ real estate bubble was slowly showing its conspicious signs of disaster.  well, disaster or not, the area may be the heart of crucial locations.  winter is literally winter to one’s perspective, and the flurry forecast did not seem to affect the entire metro dc region, a government haven surrounded by other distinguished, aged-old agencies; probably not a great choice of restaurants compared to the ones in adams morgan or elsewhere.  other than a few hidden installments, everything that held the name ‘bureaucratic’ seemed to be there.  i glanced over bare, shaking, winter trees while the only station that played techno in the area was replaced by a spanish counterpart.  i switched stations from jazz to talk show to classical to hip hop or whatnot, and clear channel continued giving away those trip-a-day giveaways through its subsidiary stations.  my knack of listening to different genres over the radio resurfaced when it was time to gain another perspective.

and so the trip-a-day giveaway goes on…   


3 Comments on “”

  1. Chiapet502 says:

    the only thing i’ve ever won from the radio were movie tickets. after that, i just gave up!

  2. LchihL15julz says:

    I never won anything off of any radio station. but my other friend. keep on winning. I think its just peoples’ luck..!! Have a great weekened!!

  3. TonyTovar says:

    ive never one anything period 😦

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