we apologize for the rhetorical issues earlier, ladies and gentlemen.  but our techie has tracked the internet fugitive’s tracks: some disgrunted reprobate in the verge of personal destruction with work and family.  we appreciate your patience and please watch your step while you exit the portal. 


4 Comments on “”

  1. poopsie903 says:

    are you being stalked??

  2. poopsie903 says:

    haha i liked that jack joke. what the heck? i’ve read your writing. theres nothing to hate on! sounds like they’ve got jealousy issues maybe?!

  3. TonyTovar says:

    hehe, hey hope things are going well budd. thanks for commenting on my xanga. Hey reading worm is a business i want to start up. Actually have been doing it for past four months and its been paying my Ameritrade account commission fees 🙂 not too bad good money saved by doing something on the side. Thing is, i want this to get bigger. The layout i have on the site now will change, i decided i dont want flashy, i want user friendly good ol’ html with some good scripts in there. It will be up eventually, not any time soon though…. thanks keep me posted on your life man 🙂

  4. TonyTovar says:

    well, i would not know how to incorporate actually.dont even know where to begin but i think it would be great for taxes and be awesome to get possible investors etc. The way things are going i kinda dont need investors cause i make enough to maintain the site.

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