social security privatization, the iraq vote and terrorism, capricious national deficit…

while the germans’ traditional groundhogs predict the advent of spring,  gw’s transcript is all over the major channels.  other than sex in the city and the usual fx movies, the state of the union address, a couple pre-orchestrated boos and wavy standing ovations by republicans, followed by the democrats’ consummating rebuttal, and the commentaries of political gurus from different news stations.  i am but a featherbrained dot to them, nor do i have the skills of a former political science roommate who’s now taking law at nyu,  but maybe that stray dot can be interconnected with other dots that share the same line, shape, or dimension.  the power of networking.

i continue my rigid yoga exercise, some nightly tall talk from a men’s health column, and tonight’s american idol that i can share and spoil with my mom and family who are just watching the last quarter of it. 

eastern, central, and pacific time…


2 Comments on “”

  1. poopsie903 says:

    haha San Franciscans cant sing. did you see the asian chick lookin like a hooker? simon just sent her thru to see her looking slutty for next time. guess you watched the president’s address yesterday too. after a while i stopped listening and started laughing at how everyone got up and clapped for him every 15 seconds. try that instead of yoga.

  2. Chiapet502 says:

    i think they fired the producer and the other dj. but i dont get why they didn’t fire miss jones?!?

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