24 play

a few breaths.  as i slowly closed my eyes, the dull and frigid environment turned from pure darkness to light.  although my breathing felt normal, i felt like i was in the depths of the deepest ocean.  i wasn’t even standing on an ocean floor, but maybe slowly spiraling downwards.  i could see nothing, hear nothing, but only felt the sensation of a glorious warm drift hovering throughout my entire body.  my clothes, if i even had any, didn’t feel clammy, but it seemed like i was being cleansed from inside out.  the enigmatic yet awkward ambience gave me the impression that i was clothed and bathed in a protective sheet of aura. 

looking up from the depths of the murky water was a blurry light.  the aurora reminded me of the gratitude that this life blessed me, the earth and everyone else with, and i slowly let go of the past grudges.  my body suddenly felt heavy, a weightless rigor mortis state, while some flame perilously drained all the venom that had been poisoning by veins throughout these years.  the same song was still playing in the background, and my mind led me to a familiar place that i haven’t been to in a long time.  a long and slow afternoon.  i was in the living room, 15 years ago, a long day at gradeschool, and my puny, exhausted body curled up at one of the sofas.  i thought my mom was in the kitchen.  i could smell freshly baked cookies from across the hall.  my stomach started growling while i noticed there was nobody on the other end of the chamber.  it appeared to me that the cookies were already out in the open for my nose to savor the freshness.  the sun was still out, just about to set, and still caressing the right side of my face while i felt the luxury of its solace.  the very same rays that have been soothing my tired closed eyes from this day on.  

i stared at its glow that i somehow became one with it.  i was all pure light, a white illumination from within glowing all around.  the sunset afternoon turned into sheer brightness and i slowly felt myself succumbing to the covenant of the very source of everything.  it was like an open book that held all that i did with my life.  the sunset that turned pure painted the same story since the very first time i stared at it.  every ray had a different story that dominated my every experience.  from happiness to sadness, warmth to cold, spring to winter, the same face in the horizon i see from the time i rise till the final farewells behind the dark mountains or the glaring sea.  slowly, nature’s silhouettes covered the earth like it was melting the burning flame’s desire to hang on.  my passion for pitch-dark nights began.  i finally saw myself again.  physically coming into form but different from organic anatomy.  the burdens of earth became the innermost asylum of my presence for being here.  not so long ago and i saw myself walking through skycrapers of financial districts, the temperatures not even reaching to a single digit, and the exhilaration of seeing a different kind of light; the lights of the dazzling metropolis.  i was out of the real dream.

then darkness fell.  the thunder clapped while the rain started falling in the background.  the final piano chords reminiscing its subtle pattern while a voice in the background carried me out of my deepest slumber. 


it was finally time to sleep.


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