3 years ago and counting:  as i made my way through the stage, my ears started hurting like hell.  the scene was entirely dark but the laser lights and effects made a random illumination to my system.  i’ve been walking around the acre of this annual nocturnal event for over four hours now, and i didn’t feel any tiring sensation.  must be the adrenaline through the music…  maybe it was just me, although i came in with a natural high.  after the first clean party at a random warehouse months ago, i decided to go for the dance circles and music.  i usually go to the first circle to battle the first thing i get into these shindigs.  the large dome housing 10,000 heads that night was large enough to bring the house down to a high chorus of insomnia and euphoria.  my homee had just ran off with a girl he randomly kissed while i looked for the others, combing through a sea of pupil-dilated peepz.  after seeing the house dj spin, i felt a surge of pain through my ear drums.  i realized i was standing directly next to these big-ass speakers.  the people leaning on them seemed like they couldn’t feel any audible pain at all.  someone must have noticed my reaction and handed me a fresh pair of ear plugs. 

i’m happy that there still are some of those watchdogs out there.   


turning into stockmarketkid mode for a moment.  this is all research.  your market sentiment and au contraire’s are welcome.

smts, a biotech company that used to be penny stock looks like it’s on a losing streak today

SMTS 50 SOMANETICS CORPORATION $14.35 $717.50 $15.03 $751.50 % -4.52

Last Change Day’s Range Volume
14.50  0.53 -3.53% 14.26 – 15.30 32,100
Avg Volume 54,000
Mkt Cap (mil) 147.0
Fundamentals EPS:  0.77    P/E:  19.52
Bid   /   Ask 14.35   /  14.49
Open 15.11
Prev Close 15.03
52-wk Range 7.85  –  16.70



Chart: 1 dy 3 mo 6 mo 1 yr 2 yr 5 yr Tech 5 yr
Dividend Info Div:    Ex. Div:    Div($):    Div Yld:
Quotes provided by S&P Comstock. Disclaimer.

this was just a couple hours ago, the change has gone down to a big dive of 5.52% as of the moment.  but looking at the long of its market, ibd‘s analysis in my adulterated nutzhell may have a good say about it:

its threshold breakout and great rally from penny-stock status to 10 a share in march 2003 (point 1) led somanetics’ in the eyes of nasdaq and institutional investors.  a year after, its price dramatically surged up 65% to its highest resistance in june 04 (point2).  its 45% drop to mid-august was conceivable under qqq’s general decline.  its reversal had a connection with its first shoulder back in dec 03, closing back above its 50-day moving average (point3).  tech analysis-wise, a small head and shoulders formation was revealed per point 2 as the head and the second resistance as the final shoulder.  this was the second leg down and contrary to ibd’s more pro interpretation as a double-bottom.  (point 4 had the stock clear its pivot point of 15.60 and a bullish above-average week of volume (point5). 


the long of the stock looked similar to google’s, only lesser in price.  ibd has a point, the stock’s flawed base and the rough broad market should’t give you the big ego, but you should think long and hard before shorting the stock’s breakdown in a down market… which i think is slowly starting today.



3 Comments on “”

  1. poopsie903 says:

    i’m glad you can enjoy it on a natural high.

  2. TitanPinay says:

    Hey.. so u work in the stock market? Definitely an area that i’m not good at. also, i wish i can describe a rave/party in such a descriptive manner.Some people would say it was a dope party, but i like how u describe all senses…. sound, sight, etc. That’s talent…

  3. poopsie903 says:

    haha i know someone “fingered” you. dont lie.

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