life is full of lessons, lessons that make you stronger, and lessons that tell you to let go when you need to.  after not accessing my aim account for over a year, i lost my password.  i changed screennames due to the fact that aol still could not keep up with spam.  last month, washpost stated the company has cut down to at least 2.2 million spam complaints from last year’s 11 million.  and it just cut 750 jobs in its va office… you know what that means, stockholders.  a former professor, whom i allegedly believed was behind those cryptic google job billboards in harvard square and silicon valley, showed the origin of ‘spam’ from a monty python’s circus reel during a session. 

life is at least very full of suffering, and it can easily be argued that suffering is an inevitable aspect of life, if i have senses, i can feel pain; if i have feelings, i can feel distress; if i have a capacity for love, i will have the capacity for grief.  such is life.  -siddharta gautama, 1st noble truth

is it because that i just don’t give a fuck about insecure people anymore?  there were times back in the day that i was ostensibly blatant about what i say.  didn’t care about what people thought or said about me.  maybe because of my cum hoc ergo propter hoc ways of talking smack.  i could literally feel my words lacerating through a person’s bones when they come out of my mouth.  that was then.  the same formal education that molded individuals to be refined and cultured enveloped my individuality.  thus, i eventually learned to keep tactfulness in my dictionary.  there are social systems that require us to restrain ourselves, even at least to a discreet level that has to be sincerely true to our very beings.  i still stoop down to some insecure losers’ level, but i only do it when it’s really worth the kill at the right time, the right place, and the right reason.  i just didn’t know frontin’ professionals who i worked with can be falsely malicious, and worse, downright nosy.  not all of them though, only a couple.  here comes my argumentum ad ignorantiam mode.  don’t get me wrong tho, i make more friends than enemies.  any virgo people out there? 

so far, the financial world has kept its peace with my worldly presence.  numbers and understanding their patterns is what i’m all about.  fibonacci patterns and the like, you name it and i can apply them in real life.  kerry strategists interpolated that the massachussetts senator should have also focused more on rebuttal than letting w step on him with argumentum ad hominem tactics.  i’m beginning to understand the plight of the rich and the richer, although i might end up living in beantown one of these days. 

there is a possibility of existing at a higher vibration, nirvana if others call it.  james redfield could be right.  his book called the celestine prophecy stated that conflict and ill will create friction against the flow of energy in the universe.  and these are the low vibrations of the ‘intimidator, poor me, and aloof’ entities.  synchronicity is an arcane practice, just so as wind and water; it is seen everywhere but people don’t just notice it.  i’m almost talking about the holy grail. 

anger and hatred are our real enemeis.  these are the forces we most need to confront and defeat, not the temporary ‘enemies’ who appear intermittently throughout life -dalai lama

despite all of these, i thank you all for making me learn life better… if not the hard way. 

cryptic writings.  try using a concave mirror.


games, the flash guy has a portolio with cartoon network’s online games.  mad propz to his skillz.  my flash tutor would be disappointed knowing that i haven’t applied what i learned.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey random props.. if you could find time could you come by my site and leave me some stock advice.. i would greatly appreciate this since im only 14 and i wanna become a great trader some day

  2. Anonymous says:

    cant wait to see the link when i get home~
    your blog is complicated or maybe it’s just me? or maybe its the weather…

    drive safe.

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