new year’s gifts and future aspirations

bonds with rates higher than cd’s and bank rates, berkshire hathaway stock certificates despite the sec request, tips with shorting huge lots of the dollar against the euro, residential investments in georgia with middlemen and capital, more good debt than bad debt, sci cl, sophisticated access and bonds… what do they really make?   

none would exchange his wife and the simple life given to him.  in the end, the great grandchildren will not talk about any of his earthy indulgence.  they might just remember how the life of a speck was failed, yet succeeded; disgraced by many but survived by himself; wasted at first and saved in the end, lost in history but lived to experience it. 

all i wanted from this 2003 is to be humbler, live simpler, learn more, and be happier – 01.03 entry

happy new year!  onto a much simpler life…  and another pass at ‘the vinci code’ my bro gave me.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year Freddie!

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