the varied sense.

more roid issues with bonds and athletes at large. some former co-worker told me his friend used them and after a couple of years acquired an impeccable bod.  the long run ain’t gonna be pretty.  army-navy kicking off this 2pm at philly.  anti-terrorists deployed within the perimeter. and i haven’t eaten an authentic philly cheesesteak sandwhich… frost in the morning.

unemployment dropped to 5.4% wsj

p.diddy and ‘a raisin in the sun.’  talk about broadway. missing a lot with entertainment.


EUR/USD instantly jumped after job numbers to old highs but was
rejected the first time. A rather broad trading range of the important 1.3230 level to 1.3380 has now been defined. Further resistance is at 1.3420. A break of 1.3230 could entail a sell-off all the way to the 1.3100 area support.






used to watch cartoons on a saturday morning.  now, and while
my muscles are starting to get sore, it’s 3 to 4 character
channels.  mtv still qualifies.  still a part of that
nation.  google stock chart to follow below.


series 63.  makes sense.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    hm.i need a new job.

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