act 1

it was raining saturday night.  the wind was blowing like a siren,
almost urging me to check whether a fire had struck the neighborhood or
not.  the raindrops trickled through the window pane, a silent
lucidity to this earth’s peaceful evening.  i was done with the
dishes, and was about to go through my usual ritual before going to
bed.  my lady had already hit sack.  we didn’t manage to get
her dress for the upcoming cocktail party so we have to do it during
this  busy christmas shopping week.  inside the bathroom,
gargling and slightly gnashing my teeth, knocking off unwanted tarnish.
  i stared at the mirror, and the person staring back at me still
looked the same after all these years.  all these years, with
another bald haircut.  time to do another annual cleansing with my
scalp, both in a literal and platonic way.

act 2

‘platonic?  where in the world did that come from?’ i was trying
to rationalize myself while heading to the dimly-lit bedroom.  my
cell phone was laying on the table.  there have been years when i
turn it on while sleeping.  everybody has his or her own
story.  friends who call in as drunk dialers, late party crasher
calls, booty calls, a family emergency, a homee in distress, you name
it.  the cell
phone used to be my nocturnal best friend despite my constant
maltreatment of its battery.  i would already be in dreamland,
wandering off with a reverie that freud may theorize with, while some
loud monophonic tune starts playing out of nowhere.  a friend
starts hollerin’ at his boy at 3 in the morning while my murmurs start
sounding like their drunken asses.  or a friend calls me the next
day, answering my question to why i’ve been hearing club music in my
dreams.  or a confidant consistently shouts into my ears after i
wake up to pick his broken-down car and ass at a freeway on sunday
twilight.  all that good stuff, and someone’s friend’s friend, who
told her friend who broke up with her bestfriend, can tell me about

tonight, i turned it off, just like these past usual nights, only
using it as one of my alarm clocks.  maybe something has changed
after all these years.

this is what you get after seeing ‘shakespeare in love.’


One Comment on “”

  1. Barbs says:

    sounds like u’re living the good, settled life…. =)

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