connecting reality to personality.

hassan being the first female hostage officially killed on tv, top cia officials resigned because of new administration policies, the investigation of an injured iraqi shot by a marine, x-43a reaching mach 10 a milestone for aviation; governator amends constitution for presidency to benefit future immigrants, gonzales as first minority counsel; also the brainchild of the abu ghraib fiasco

it’s funny that the succession of rice to powell still brings a proverbial balance to bush’s all-male secretary cabinet.  and all eyes may still be on ohio with the ballot recount while new mexico was late with counting the ballots.  i just read that bill gates gets tons of spam everyday.  time to hit the deltoid part tonight, and some blockbuster rental to go.  greenspan’s statement warned of the weakening dollar.  foreign currency trading, anyone?

marilyn manson made a remake on depeche mode’s personal jesus: not bad.  the riff goes through an e minor pentatonic scale.  although i’ve gotten a bit mellow with listening to music, listening to slipknot’s vermillion pt.1 brings back those old death metal days.  i’ve officially graduated from that phase, anyway.  black clothing, weird piercings, carved names on forearms; all that freaky band wannabe stuff.  clean is a good word for music without the image these days.

reach out and touch faith

happy friday!


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  1. lilmish says:

    hi freddie!  how are you and marissa?  hope things are going well for the both of you.  take care of marissa, ok?

  2. jujuizm says:

    wussup ferd!!! yay!! me like espesyal ed!!! he’s the best puppet in the whole wide world!! YAY!!!

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