a year ago from this moment i was listening to dream theater,
driving along 80 to my uncle’s pad in vallejo, and scrounging my
gear for a weekend’s snowboarding trip to tahoe. 
fast forward to 2004, and after playing ‘metropolis’ on a nice
saturday morning in rockville, the trivial epic lingered
in my head like it just happened yesterday.  it’s so
stupendous to realize how an array of tracks link the hippocampus
to a plethora of my long lost years.  the persistence of reality
stuck in between those medial temporal lobes and whatnot, and a stream
of consciousness flooding the very sensation of such a frivolous yet
remembered event.

i remember playing third eye blind’s ‘motorcycle drive by’ as
an angsty melancholy breakup song while flying along 101, 112’s
‘dance with me’ debut amongst party people roaring in a downtown night
club, pearl jam’s ‘daughter’ in the early 90’s mosh
pits, or cruising san mateo bridge’s exhilarant friday night
amber lights with craig david’s ‘fill me in.’  on top of
that, the reminisce of vivaldi’s spine-tingling ‘la
primavera’ performed by a chamber orchestra, missing
dieselboy’s drum n’ bass act while waiting in line at homebase, or
enjoying wayne wonder’s ‘no letting go’ while cruising along the san
mateo county skyline.  association through the senses is
so remarkable.  on a similar note, playing a soothing nature
sound is similar to feng shui’s sound concept
to acupuncture.  music is just like each and every fragment
of our memory.  and more to come with the subliminal
long-term memories that i embed.  all of those dubbing with each
catchy track that provokes a great moment.  a year from now i
would have said the same thing right at this very moment. 

wall street is the only place that people ride in to a rolls-royce to get advice from those who take the subway –warren buffet


3 Comments on “”

  1. jujuizm says:

    wassaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!! to u too!! hahah!

  2. Anonymous says:

    3rd eye blinds first album is yum.

  3. Barbs says:

    five is chill…however, i seriously haven’t been there in a LONG time….

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