time for a change.

by nature, i’m a social being.  but circumstances have caused me to bury myself down the hole.  all for being committed to a conviction that is killing the other parts of me and the world i already built.  i guess it’s time to adjust my bells and whistles.  time to go out and fulfill my worldly duties.  volunteer or donate some blood, rebuild new networks and resuscitate old ones, rekindle the usual social gatherings, bring old hobbies and plans back to life, and get some insurance for the future.

if i get stuck in this same hole, i know it’s just going to be me.  i’m still sticking to my guns though, but devoting my all and not knowing what might happen when i lose my life on other aspects is a different story.  and i’m the one who decided all of this.  thus, i gotta do something.  some minor adjustments, ladies and gentlemen.


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  1. poopsie903 says:

    hope it all works out. volunteering is great. i’ll be helping out at the zoo this wknd. and i think we’ve all been down that hole….gluck!

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