i noticed the murky sky coming from the north.  it was 6:15am on an early weekday.  i had just finished my 30-minute run and was ready to take a shower.  feeling the warm sensation of water pressure and caressing the torn muscles would alleviate the temporal pain to some extent. 

about over 5 years ago, i chose to hit the weights on an early morning routine.  that when i did the swing shift at ucsf’s operating rooms.  after the usual training program, i started warming up with a level 2 walk for a couple minutes until i reach level 10 up about 29:00.  the last minute was to determine whether my brittle shins and knees would either thrive or organically disintegrate.  i could imagine how dragging and drowning the screams of my broken body would mean to a conveyor belt’s monotonous undertone.  the latter never happened *knock on wood, but it has always put me on precautionary measures.

the analogy of avoiding injuries while running, on a personal note, is like driving.  a contingency plan is always needed when murphy’s law comes into full effect.  as how some entities also see it, others imagine their rides reinforced by a kinetic teleport wave of protection.  quite hard to explain, but someone might get it.  a telephatic cushion, so to speak.  moving on…

lady behind me was honking while i waited for the green light at ucsf.  she must have forgotten parnassus ave’s exclusive pedestrian lights.  exclusive, meaning to say: when motorists stop for runners to cross while running along college ave.  government c2ops analysis may have its own take about this definition.

every place that i’ve been to is a distinct trinket inside my psyche.  it’ll remind me of a thousand hours of experiences from one single glance.  it’s amazing how every detail is kept in the annals where nobody could physically retrieve them.  nevertheless, it’s sunny out here.  so off to the showers after cnn and this morning’s run.


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