just a few errands is why i’m there for.  could visit napa since it’s near my folk’s.  or attend the earliest morning mass at los altos.  the office on pine street won’t have peepz during the weekend.  while some markets are generally volatile worldwide, and still back to the electronic way of communicating.

this saturday.  can’t hit jason’s or eclipse ryan’s production bash on friday since imma be arriving the next morning.  there’s no telling when imma make it up with my flaking antics.  can’t go to any kinky halloween sunday event either coz i’m leaving that same night.  so mostly it would be blood: catch up with my older brother’s airsoft hobby, ask younger bro for real estate advice, and be nosy about my youngest sister’s teenage relationship.  the older sis is already sneaking one in without my mom’s consent.  i wonder if both momma and poppa don’t mind picking us up at the airport.  poppa usually tinkers in the garden during the weekends.

decisions, decisions.

my forearm is hurtin from this lunch hour’s tennis.  now it’ll be quite a pain using them muscles on my usual personal pleasure…  playing video games.   

ok i’m wearing a costume tomorrow.  it’s a suit with some legal documents on it.  lawsuit.  get it?

decisions, decisions.


2 Comments on “”

  1. poopsie903 says:

    no way. you know jason and ryan? do you know ryans cousin jeff? dejavu. you prolly told me but i’ve been off xanga a while….

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    yeap, i used to kick it and party with them back in the day.  i prolly know jeff.  it’s a small world ain’t it… and i still have to make it up for flakin on their invites.

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