delayed weekend edition…

as one thinketh in his (her) heart, so is he (she) –david

back in the day… when anything related to partying other than homework was a priority, when old school duran duran, flock of seagulls, and o.m.d. tracks turned secret crushes into steamy and physical emotions, or when pharmaceuticals were misnomers of being psychedelically cool: i got into the habit of raiding my old man’s rhetoric stash.  magazines, old business cards and literature, contracts; the whole nine yards.  for some time i used his college quantum engineering book for my highschool physics thesis paper.  a scheme to hopefully outwit which i thought went the other way come theoretical defense.   

in my opinion, not all in his or her teen years would care about adults talking about professional matters.  the extra-terrestrial nature of work was way out of league for the detached havoc of teenage angst.  but one day, and out of confounded boredom, i got a hold of some of his hardcovers.  besides a gradeshool portfolio of reading mystery fiction stories like hardy boys, the interest of crossing over was quite remarkable.  the texts were those that a typical workplace encompassed.  from straight-forward issues on dealing with people, public speaking and effective presentations, anger management and smart professionalism, to the trivial ideas of monitoring biorhythms.  i have had the opportunity to use these maslow-aged principles to the social aspect.  the rest of it was history, my affinity to search for personal self-improvement still lingers to date. 

when i feel like i’m stuck in a rut, i search for answers.  answers to humane ways of acquiring wealth, to thinking big, staying positive, and maintaining a huge drive for success.  they may or may not be out there all the time, but the search is relentless.  you wonder how people become tycoons, acquire acres of front yard, luxury cars as toys, and still balance with society.  not by inheritance and trust funds, but by their own efforts.  the self-made title given to them.  and still, they remain and act as the same people, not insecure or stuck-up or even ignorant to financial freedom.  at a young age, i experimented by socializing to different sorts of personalities.  opened myself, became vulnerable to abusers, and eventually started treating these jerks as how they want to be treated.  my standards for separating the sheep from the flock changed as time did.  as much as a virgo like me would like to, i generally can’t please everybody.  nobody wants to waste his or her time with the belligerent.  but who am i to fool?  we don’t move mountains by wishing them to, we move them by doing something about it.  hence, the holy grail has been always underway. has something going on every wednesdays at the rayburn house building, rm 2325; might check the panache of leadership.  follow the white rabbit.

if you read rousseau or wilhelm von humboldt and others, the connection between human freedom in the social and political realm and human freedom in the creative use of cognitive capacity, in particular language, they did try to establish a connection –noam chomsky


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