a friday morning walk.  with time flexible, i had the benefit of admiring diplomats’ houses.  saw my people’s flag on this one house, maids and helpers were cleaning the driveways where these wealthy peeps are domiciled.  true, and some countries still practice the archaic version of slavery system.  taxation without representation in good terms.  i tend to whistle on walkers’ dogs when i run into them.  or even touch them if they wish.  ‘i am your friend, help me when i’m in trouble,’ is all i say to them.  an imaginary halo circumnavigating my head and the canine’s converge into one silent static communication.  even the birds that don’t care about people walking past them, or the squirrels running through telephone wires.  you just never know about telekinesis and the hidden powers of the mind.  the mystery of it engulfs me within.



talk about center



the snake that poisons everybody


it topples governments,

            wrecks marriages,

                        ruins careers,

                                    busts reputations,

                                                causes heartaches,



                                    spawns suspicion,

                        generates grief,

dispatches innocent people to cry in their pillows,

                        even its name hisses.

                                    it’s called gossip.

                                                office gossip,

                                                            shop gossip,

                                                party gossip,

                                    it makes headlines

                        and headaches

            before you repeat a story,

ask yourself:  Is it true?

            is it fair?

                        is it necessary?

                                    if not,

                                                shut up.


                                                         -united technologies ad, wall street journal


conversation is an exercise of the mind, but gossiping is merely an exercise of the tongue.





2 Comments on “”

  1. Barbs says:

    are u in d.c. now, then?

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    yeap, in busy dc. 

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