lockdown is something.  it can encompass one’s entire lifestyle.  catch my drift?  still a happy camper, nevertheless. 

fall is in the air.  i could see it from the fallen leaves on the sidewalk.  while enjoying the walk, i found a stack of books laying in front of a dc townhouse.  took the one which was jeffrey garten’s ‘the big ten.’  i may be into the prosaic world of economics and all that; but if siskel and ebert were art critics talking about a special illustration project, they would have given the artwork two thumbs up.  the other fingers would have followed suit.  they have been conditioned into holding chess pieces across the black and white board.


way back in the day, my dad and i used to play the board game like we were slipping new pairs of socks on.  of course, he’d always beat me.  but the learning was very crucial to my advantage.  losing was winning.  i used the strategy when my forearms finally managed to grip a head racket of the 80’s.  got the interest of playing tennis from my old man.  while he played with his co-workers after work, i was struggling against a wall until i lost the ball after a sporadic top-spin flaw.  just love top spin no matter where the ball went.  might have finished 3 hours earlier with all the hard work, but i was pretending like i was working on it.  hello, corporate america.   

that was childhood tennis in a nutshell.  but right, it’s good we did something about a situation.  getting hammered frequently was what i used to do way back, and i got partied out to no apparent reason.  the life scale was quite obvious.  rather choose the indulgence of taking a few days off if jury summons and vacation were laid on both sides.  

seeing digital underground perform without 2pac was just different.  ll cool j was promoting his album at a club somewhere.  or if i were in the locality i’d look for that residential commercial taking place in a gym. or even a cat’s inner musings.  of couse, cali rules: or as what the orange sign says.

intelligence operatives know at least a thousand codes.  or at least that’s what some undisclosed sources say.


2 Comments on “”

  1. Barbs says:

    i know about lockdown—sometimes, it’s voluntary tho…

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    hehe, very true and i agree…

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