smokers’ lounge convos (and alleged thoughts)

   smokers - istanbul  -  2001

bush to moses: do you want to visit my texas ranch sometime? (i’d like to ask your advice regarding sending hail down to iraq.)

moses: no thanks. (are you kidding me? the last time i had to deal with a bush, i spent 40 years with)

waiter to warren buffet: would you like a drink, sir? (here goes another conservative old-timer)

warren buffet: scotch on the rocks, and another round for mr. arnie here (i wonder where mr. soros is at.)

arnie to descartes: so did you like your dinner? (you should have read that health book i introduced with oprah a couple years ago)

descartes: yes, it was quite good, thank you. (as you can see my friend, the food we ate is only an illusion in our minds)

dr. dre: word up, r. (now where’s the west-side luv up in dis joint, mr. governor?… i smell chronic somewhere)


no pun intended (happy lazy sunday!) interpolated bush to moses idea came from reader’s digest (nobody asked)


3 Comments on “”

  1. Empyre says:

    wadup g? you speak the truth…i’ve had happier times. life just frustrates to no end sometimes.

  2. poopsie903 says:

    ‘member me? i really like the pics you’ve put up.

  3. rkteck1245 says:

    hey there!  how ya been?  ‘course i ‘member.  thought some pictures would be nice… thanks!

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