green is better than black, so to speak.  metropolitan areas almost always encompass open-minded inhabitants.  like someone said, ‘if you come with a closed mind, do so with a closed mouth.’  not well stated, me and my erring ways of informal excerpting.  as grassroots movements effectively circumvent conventional ideas of the feds, the community slowly ameloriates itself to a better plane.  walking along duke ellington bridge, the atmosphere reminded me of social multeity other than the lush foliage along calvert street.  couldn’t be similar to an edumecated institution’s telegraph ave, but the small businesses and ambience were virtually reciprocating the fillmore district.  define melting pot.  or missing a station because you overslept on the public train.  suddenly, the tornado watch becomes consummate tranquility over nothing.

sell the kids for food, weather changes moods, spring is here again, reproductive glands –nirvana, in bloom

we make choices in life.  choices for different reasons.  it could either be for the betterment of others or for our own personal interests.  but what if the latter option becomes a blackballed intervention of the golden rule?  trusts can be broken, rectitudes crumble in an instant, and a partnership can turn into a retrogressing 360-degree turn of shrewd professionalism.

the guilt strewn by karma, a professional partnership gone to the hole, and all i could see right now is to expect the broken trust come back in one way or another.  but that’s why there are choices.  just had to make the lesser evil come out instead of the other.  even though no legal nor moral harm has been done, i’ve compared data like an insurance risk analyst.  professional friendships are rare, but i just had to move on…

the acoustic guitar sounded like normal.  after changing its .052 string, the warped instrument never ceased to satisfy my cravings for personal privacy.  calluses formed on my fingertips, i must not have played for a while.  well, i’m not playing until they start to bleed.  while my fingers moved like an elderly man walking, i knew that i could still get them back in great shape.  exercise: everybody knows it’s healthy but not everyone does it.

or maybe we can roll a tree and feel the breeze and listen to a symphony; or maybe chill and just be, or maybe… –jill scott, a long walk



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