while eating a small bag of trail mix, i noticed that its nutritional contents had 16 grams of fat in it.  grabbing a pint of cookies n’ cream from the fridge and noticing its contents, it only had 14 grams of fat; a couple of grams shy from the trail mix.  don’t get me wrong, but i love trail mix.  i would eat it anywhere or wherever i go.  but seeing the nutritional facts on its bag somewhat bothered me.  well, almonds are fatty so to speak.  but nuts?  deez nutz!  oh, well.  knowing the thought process going on at that moment, i inherently ate both. 


who loves playing the sims?  i do.  well, i used to way back… or the first day it came out.  nurturing your own family, designing your own house and the background music in the works, and all that great stuff that i could remember.  but after a year of playing, i eventually got tired of it.  expansion packs came in, and my brother and sisters kept on buying them until the online version came out.  it rocked in some way.  my former roommate would play on it the entire day, she wouldn’t even recognize that me and my other roommates were in the living room. 

and 3k miles after borrowing the house party expansion pack, i just realized that my system had already uninstalled the original version.  bummer!  well, there’s the booksellers and the library nearby.


just love them steakhouses.  t-bone steak: medium or medium-rare… mmm mmm mmm *pats tummy

yeap, you only live once.  how about a xanga rendezvous in l.a.?  jk! 


2 Comments on “”

  1. Chiapet502 says:

    eat some twizzlers! they’re fat free!

  2. Barbs says:

    i was soo addicted to sims for a while. but, i used cheat codes and blinged out my house and my sim didn’t have to work b/c of the cheat codes.  lol~

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