quick peep at the following’s dragging contents, i’m on a writing binge:

09.03: iad-oak, kfc dinner, ‘passion of christ’

09.04: ‘minority report’ & ‘girl next door,’ family function: embassy suites, flaked sno-drift & nv, dropped stuff at south city

09.05: mgs on gamecube, latin mass, dinner with family & relatives at folks’ place, oak-iad


nostalgic touchdown.

called a bunch of peeps while the plane taxied along the runway: the usual circle if i could kick it with them this weekend, friends of friends on the know and don’t ask me why i phoned them, and a former roommate to see if some residual mail needed to be put to my attention.  i must have called the second group due to withdrawal symptoms of a former friday night party junkie.  moving on, roommie wc said that no substantial mail really came in urgent.  he had already left berkeley to go back to his folks’ place in fremont.  told him that i’d kick it with his crew if time permitted.  last time i hung around with them was at this one party the day ‘troy’ came out.  nonetheless, it’s been a while since i hung out with chill wc.  crackin’ up while watching family guy movies during weeknights, playing hoops at the gym, talking about weekend paintball skirmishes, and so much more.  it could be hard finding a perfect roommate, but the humble abode along haste was an exception. 

next on the list, jc whom i haven’t chopped it with in ages.  haven’t kicked it with this cool homee since i left the bay.  he probably still had this grudge on me when i didn’t show up on his guestlist at 550 barnevald.  way back in the day, jc, another chill former co-worker and i would ride street cars along california and powell just to eat at blondie’s pizza.  the tourists were looking around while we clinged onto the rails of a crowded street car on a usual lunch workday in sf’s financial district.  well, either blondie’s or the usual pho place at chinatown, whichever comes first.  while catching up on the phone, jc said he’s going to vegas with his brother this holiday weekend to look for a vacation crib that they could invest in.  not a bad idea, matter of fact.  the good old times, we go way back: from underground races, to midnight snacking along ocean beach’s safeway, all-niters for exams and projects, running along lake merced, and all the good times chilling.  jc reminded me of my stay in the sucka-free area.  the friendship was strong since i lived 5 minutes away from him back in the day. 

a few minutes of waiting outside the terminal, rc and his lady arrived.  they offered to have me crash since their place was just nearby.  ‘nothing beats a place that i could really call home,’ was all i told them while the catching up went underway.  the reminiscence; the clear oakland night sky reminded me of the days i hung out with this homee.  working out 4 times a week, garage day sessions, security almost catching the hotbox at ibiza, being og wannabees during the chronic 2001 radio era, and just the funny conversations about everyday life.  after grubbing on take-out kfc, we ended up watching ‘the passion.’  i fell asleep when the movie was about to get graphic and brutal.  eventually slept throughout the entire evening.  for some reason i got up at 5am.  grabbed the book that i’ve been reading during the flight after some bent-knee crunches.  then a few channel-surfing to kill the insomnia.  morning sun was facing their front door.  good for feng shui.  a few people walking their dogs, the fresh morning hayward air.  everything seemed perfect during that moment.  the couple woke up late morning and after a visual dose of ‘minority report’ and ‘the girl next door,’ i went around town with them while they ran errands.  the farmers market was just nearby.  it reminded me of my saturday morning strolls while streets were closed for people to sell ostensibly organic produce.  the day went by fast, it was past 6pm and we left for the peninsula.  they had to buy a gift for our homegirl who was celebrating her big day in the club.  with the gorgeous afternoon weather, the drive along san mateo bridge was nostalgic.  it always has been regardless.  lots of memories and intense feelings while i traversed this link.  20 minutes of light traffic along 101, they dropped me off at the embassy suites.   i told them that i would try to make it to the party at nv.  i even highly doubt that i’d make it this other homee who’s also celebrating his birthday bash at sno-drift.  this situation definitely was going to be my freakin bad.  the guest list would be closing before the family function ended.  but on the realz, i’d try to make it up next time despite this big letdown.  i know, i know.  i now consider myself a flake with these past couple month’s club shindigs.  there would always be a next time, i just hope it’s not too late.  

attendance at the hotel’s conference hall was deep.  my mom’s side of the family had over 50 heads and counting, so i had to do my rounds for over an hour before i could settle down with my cousins in our designated table.  and without warning, i ended up doing an embarassing makeshift performance in front of the family and guests with an uncle’s harassment and guilt-trip.  but to sum the entire evening up, i had a kick out of the party.  met and caught up with most of my close cousins and relatives.  nostalgia again.  and since i couldn’t bump and grind in the clubs, i decided to do a little dancing with my cousins.  ballroom skills were a bit rusty, and they only played one hiphop song besides some disco music.  don’t get me wrong, but i like disco.  still, it was an oldie party… i’m not an oldie yet.  just going with the motion of the ocean.  a few hours passed, and i was riding with my brother back home.  it was past midnight and we still had to visit an aunt’s place in south city.  subsonic was boucing off the speakers after 94.9’s dj overplayed the hiphop track lineup.  my aunt’s new crib was nice… lucky cousins.  so much for the medical field.  managed to sneak a few drinks before the drive home.  a good family friend’s sister whom i’ve known forever was riding with us with her newlywed hubby.  conversation during the ride was from nightclub scene to cars.  despite his ongoing hookups with sf club productions and dj’s, nh did know a lot about souping rides up although he grew out of it.  arrived home, tired, and played metal gear solid on gamecube.  

the endeavor continued the morning after.  playing video games was what i usually did when i used to hang out at my parents’ pad.  whatever new game my bro had, i had to check it out for myself.  the game was a graphically-improved version of the original, and i gave up playing after a few mission failures.  guess i’m not a game freak these days.  latin mass and reception followed in the afternoon…


and here i am typing this while my relatives are downstairs viewing last night’s festivities.  


leaving by 11ish on a red-eye flight and hopefully, hurricane frances won’t beat me to it.  its 15mph-gyration probably won’t reach past the sunshine state while i drag my bags at the long-term economy parking lot.        

‘do you have any idea how cheap stocks are now? wall street is now being called wal-mart street.’ —jay leno


i did say it was dragging…



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  1. jujuizm says:

    happy bday ferdie!!!!

  2. viviko5 says:

    mmm its been a while but i see you seem to have uprooted to DC?  well guess i was in your now-old hood around the same time as you.  nostalgia is such a bitch sometimes yet so enticingly sweet.

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