watching the renovation of longfellow and montpelier houses on history channel were quite enlightening.  rocky 3, stevie ray vaughan rippin’ the blues, a few terra blue chips, an empty middle seat, and going back to the west via parabolic flight on this a320 aircraft made the five hours breeze through.  had to attend a family function at a hotel in burlingame.  all blood were going, so there was no excuse for me not to.  2.5 days wouldn’t be enough to enjoy the short leave.  some pre-club invites would be inevitable, but i don’t have that option.  moreover, family is priority until midnight.  like anderson seeking the minority report, i’ve only got a few options to make the most out of the bay area.  so much for commitment.

‘you can choose’

russian standoff up to 200 casualties.  gas went less than 2 bucks while the inception of economic laws took effect with other gas competitors.  if i were a pin, i would have gone everywhere; from nyc executive offices, to orchards in tuscany, or just in my own room.  if the fictional character holmes were good with acute observation and steinmetz was good with visual aural imagery, then rethinking thinking is another matter.  who said science does not go with creativity and vice versa?  st. john, you so fierce.  haha, a classic.

talking like cobain’s lyrics.  california love.

‘ce n’est pas une pipe.’ –rené magritte, the treason of images


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