throwing quarters at virginia toll plaza baskets reminds me of nba playoffs or finals.  the crowd cheering, time under the gun, ‘he rolls down his window, looks for an opening, and throws the quarters… yes!! yes!! he scores!’… lame, haha.  not until i’ll be bypassing through these tolls when i take the express to dulles.  thought about the economy parking.  the gamble of streetsmarts.  depends on how traffic goes on a friday evening anyway.  will see if this one hardbound i borrowed from the library is worth bringing during the wait at the gates.


about 10 years ago, i used to do relatively outrageous things as a kid.  doing back flips on fire hydrants and didn’t care about the bruises; jumping off the roof of a 12-foot, 1-story house; riding downhill with my ankles relentlessly balancing onto the seat of my bike.  all that while my freaked-out neighbors told my mom what they just saw during those days.  ooh, the injuiries.  had a lot of them.  you can find scars on my every ligament.  they don’t oxidize and develop any coating such as the statue of liberty’s.  well obviously, i am not made of copper.  but one thing that still got me up to this day was this rock that hit a pressure point in my chest, causing me to almost die of shortness of breath.  i still lived, and my mom still doesn’t know about it. 


there still were no signs of out-of-towner traffic; labor day weekend is just underway.  ben franklin is still on the downlow with espionage, the case of the militants who took over a school in southern russia reported 5 dead including children, and scientists believed that it is better sending a postcard to possible extra-terrestrial life than gradually dispersing radio waves into outer space.  this is npr morning edition… no, i cannot be a reporter. haha

life is good, like eating a frontega chicken panini on a beautiful thursday afternoon.

everyone who has seen a fractal has admired the beauty of a colorful, fascinating image, but what is the formula that makes up this glitzy image? –manus donahue, chaos theory

happy friday, everyone.


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