a hare and a bear were taking a shit in the forest.  the bear asks the hare, ‘do you have problems having shit stick to your fur.’  the hare replied, ‘well, not really.’  so the bear grabs the hare and uses the hare to wipe its shit off. –classic joke

for some reason i’ve been listening to eddie murphy’s standup comedy these days.  add to that rex navarette’s gig for my people.  first time i saw ‘delirious’ was with former sf roommates and their boyfriends, and it still cracks me up to date.  speaking of which, i’m not good at telling jokes myself; but it’s the comedy that lifts my spirits high.  like working out everyday to take the stress off my system.  yeap, the us women’s volley team does have some lookers.  looking forward to get back into the sport soon.  or maybe even indoor.


latin, anyone?

bene qui latuit, bene vixit (one who lives well, lives unnoticed): on a personal note, living without residual ascertainment is peace of mind.  don’t need no ventriloquist or puppetmaster to weigh, gauge, judge, or control my everyday actions.

amat victoria curam (victory favors those who take pains):  well if the latin translation for ‘discipline’ is ‘to learn,’ i guess i stop learning everytime i don’t feel like pursuing a certain endeavor.  be it from any sport or hobby or even a vision through business.  truly right. 

beneficium accipere libertatem est vendere (to accept a favor is to sell freedom) –pubilius syrus:  aye, i’ll gladly give out favors, but i don’t treat those whom i offer such like i own them or i can shove anything down to they throats.  besides, if you don’t got baggage, youz alright.

dum vivimus, vivamus (while we live, let us live) –epicurean philosophy: issues here, problems there.  natural, aye?  but while i still have my entire body intact, i should be grateful for at least having my physical and mental will with me.  shit happens anyway.

nosce te ipsum (know thyself) –inscription at apollo in delphi:  still a work of progress with that: yours truly.

timendi causa est nescire (ignorance is the cause of fear) –seneca:  and my uncle said, ‘keep on reading.  read on everything: law, business, philosophy, arts… everything.  then try to apply them for your own benefit.’  what is knowledge for if not applied in life?  fear, maybe.

nonetheless, i luv life.  thank y’all.


what is the color of snow?  what do cows drink?




2 Comments on “”

  1. Chiapet502 says:

    my sis speaks latin. hmmm…i wonder why people just stopped speaking the language.

  2. monniw says:

    thats a funny joke. =) oh and eddy murphy was said to be the greatest stand up comedian during his time.

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