laughter is a protest of scream against death –mel brooks

reading the journal in the cube, a 2-octave fart came out from nowhere.  oh, i was in the men’s restroom.  natural for such to happen in a place like this, a thought about watching the us olympic beach volleyball team on tv would be one of the plans this week.  missed playing the game.  athens must be a madhouse when it comes to security, like enforcing ts/csi level clearance needed to get through .com-type doors.  talk about security measures or splinter cell-type surroundings, ohio must be having a lot of things going on with the campaigning. 

if einstein and o’keeffe think more creatively, then there should be something out there.  sometimes fighting for one’s values interferes with being smart in life.  i am one of them lunchin’ basketcases.

it’s good to be the king –history of the world


2 Comments on “”

  1. jujuizm says:

    i know.. its good to be me! hahaha.. im the king!! j/k!! i wish i was! hahahha! wussup ferdie!?! anything new? hows u and marissa?! hope everything’s fine man!!! when r u guys coming back to visit the bay again? i know the weather’s crappy.. but dude, where’s d fun without me right! hahahah!

  2. Barbs says:

    the olympic women’s beach volleyball has some hot hot women!

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