if you beat a snake and don’t kill it, you’ll be sorry later. –chinese proverb

i was looking through the expanse of amber lights across the clear horizon.  that seemed weird.  the geo-social boundary subtly besetting the sunset and mission districts usually entailed a cool aura of mist during the evenings.  a friend reiterated that the sun has been out for over a week.  his virtual driving skills just got exacerbated from playing midnight club 2 and decided to hit sack.  i was all alone… again that night, like wind and water silently dictating the complacency of silence.  i was back in san francisco.  the same ambience similar to the old pad although the picturesque view was facing towards the golden gate bridge area.  my loved one was already dozing off, joining the rest of thousand winkers while the london exchange just opened.  i started missing her right when she stuttered her first snore.

somehow a memory becomes a reality again if one works to get it back.  just like the old market saying, a powerful technique will never work if you don’t.


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